2019: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Week 6 (Feb. 4- Feb. 10) Surprise

2019: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Week 6 (Feb. 4- Feb. 10) Surprise

“first” joined Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on its “first” year in 2014… and what a whirlwind year that was… writing, editing and researching daily for 365 days! As much as I wanted to continue the following year, I found that I didn’t have the time to continue another year with that type of research… although I did continue blogging and writing stories at my own pace, which allowed me to write on other topics as well as family stories when ideas came my way… but I’ve often missed it. The first year were no specific weekly prompts like today… but I’m taking a different spin on them. There will be some posts on a specific ancestor, but most will be memories that spring from those prompts. Head over to 2014 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks to read about my ancestors in the first years challenge.

If you’re new to genealogy, make your “first” stop to Amy’s website for genealogy ideas or even join in on this 52 Week challenge… you learn by doing… not procrastinating! There is no right or wrong… anything you do is a start!

Week 6 (Feb 4- Feb 10) Surprise

Week 6 “surprise” prompt left me scratching my head… finally a few ideas!

I remember one day when I decided to clean out the attic behind my daughters room… after pulling everything out… then shoving it back in… but as I shoved the last box in, something… or someone made me pull it back out. While it didn’t look like anything special would be inside, as only old toys and clothes showed on top… I dug through and pulled out a few envelopes on the bottom… and found my surprises!


Family names written by my mother… my start in family research!

It was this packet of information that my mother gave me many years ago… that I found several pages of family names she had written… but it was another envelope that really made me sit down… surprised! On the outside… was written… birth certificate of Clayton Bryan… my father. I had never found his birth certificate before this and was actually going to send away for it soon… but now here it was. I just wanted to hoop and holler… but everyone would have thought I’d fallen off the deep end! Sad when you have to do the happy dance alone!


When I pulled out this envelope… my heart stopped! Something or someone must have led me to that box… and told me to dig to the bottom. Thank You Daddy!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve “really” looked at my father’s birth certificate… and today in taking a closer look, I discovered many things I didn’t remember… if I even ever truly knew. That’s why it’s good to often “revisit” your family history!

At daddy’s birth on July 3rd, 1928, his father wasn’t yet working in the Union Manufacturing Mill in Union Point; he was listed as a “sawmill hand” and his mother a housewife. One of the biggest “wrong” pieces of information listed on his birth certificate was the maiden name of his mother… she is listed here as Evelyn Gossett, which is wrong. Her true maiden name is “Little”, because her mother Alma (Wilson) Little married a second time to John Gossett when my grandmother was around ten years old. I’m not sure why she listed herself as a Gossett unless her mother began using that name for her after marrying

Another interesting fact I learned from this birth certificate was the time of my father’s birth… he was born at 10:10 p.m. at night…. he just missed being a 4th of July baby!

I’ve always wondered what happened to daddy’s original birth certificate, as he sent away for this one when we lived in Perry on Hillcrest Ave. I might surmise that somehow he altered his original birth certificate when he joined the Navy at age 15… somehow making his birth year become 1925… I’ll never know now!


Surprise… means to astonish, and amaze… to impress forcibly by being unexpected, startling, or unusual.



In going through some of my stash paper for junk journaling, I pulled out a piece of graph paper and was quite “surprised” when I turned it over and saw what I drew and wrote many years ago. Not sure how it ended up there, but I found it at the perfect time to add to my “surprise” post this week. It is a sketch of my grandfather Paul Bryan’s house and a short story of remembrances I wrote… it definitely took me back to many fond memories.


I can’t remember many times in my life when I’ve been truly surprised… as I’m the one usually planning the surprise. Planning graduation parties, bridal, baby shower theme parties… and even gender surprise parties.

The one surprise I remember at the moment was in 2012. My son called me as I was leaving work around 7 p.m. and quickly blurted out “were having twins“! Immediately I said, “stop playing around, what are you talking about?” After much bantor of yes we are… and me… “no you’re not”… I told him I’d call him back when I got home. Hubby picked me up… and as I sat down in the car, I looked over at him and said, “they’re having twins”…  still in shock… now the two of us was in shock!


Two beautiful twin girls… Nina and Ana arrived January 14th, 2013.

One of the best surprises ever!


Stay tuned for Week 7… (February 11-17) Love

Feb 2019 52 Weeks

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  1. Luanne says:

    What a great find! And cute babies!!!!

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  2. OK, I’m inspired. I’ll go dig into some of Mom’s family history boxes. It’s way past the time that I should have sorted through those.

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