Family Stories: Dreams…What Do They Mean

Family Stories

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Dreams…What Do They Mean?

I woke from a dream this morning as I had my hands on a package of older photos enclosed in a see through case… then poof… the dream ended. I was just pulling out one of the photographs and I could even see writing on them which I somewhat remembered as, “Haiverland” USAF or either USN base; the name was written besides the several black and white, somewhat sepia photos. I quickly searched the Internet for a base belonging to that name, but came up empty handed… leaving me puzzled and frustrated!

So what sparked this memory… am I meant to discover something… somewhere? It’s very unlikely, as I have all my family photos!

My father served in the Navy, and my husband in the Air Force… it was my uncle Leroy McKinley who I was thinking of as I went to sleep last night. I had recently received records of his service unit and had been thinking of yet one more piece to the puzzle that wasn’t in those records… of where he had been buried in Germany before his body was released home after the war. Did that prompt the dream… are there photos somewhere waiting for me… is the name of Haiverland (sp) part of the clue?

I usually don’t dream… or dream anything that I remember very often; they say you dream every night, so I guess my dreams haven’t been very important lately to remember… until now! It’s usually my husband who dreams… waking me up in the middle of the night by kicking me… from his usually violent dreams. Many of them have been so strange and funny that I often wrote them down… that’s for another post!


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Have you ever had the same dream over and over? Does it have a special meaning?

Many people, I’m told, have dreams about being back in school… is that a good or bad thing? While I haven’t dreamed about going back to school in a long time, I did in the past. I was back in high school in Perry, Georgia… wandering the hallways looking for my classes, and my locker… which I never found! I don’t remember having any classmates in my dreams… just that I couldn’t find my way… was there something going on in my life at that time which triggered that dream? I can’t even pinpoint now as to what time in my life I was having them, but it’s been many years… so I guess the problem was solved.

I’ve also dreamed of being locked out of our house in my nightgown… and contemplating if I was going to walk to a neighbor’s house or wait all day on the side porch for hubby to come home. I guess that was before the times of cell phones; I never go anywhere without it in my pocket now!

The most complex dream I’ve never forgotten was of my father who died in 1983…  I was  only thirty-one years old with two small children and living a thousand miles away. His death was very traumatic for me as it happened suddenly. He had just called me on a Friday nite from work… totally out of the blue; calling me from work was very unusual. When I questioned why he was calling from work before he went home, he just said, “I just called to tell you I love you.” I received the phone call on Monday that he died. I’ve always felt… somehow… that he knew things weren’t right with him and something was going to happen; he previously had had three heart attacks… and died at only 54 years of age.

It was, at some  point, after his death, that my dreams of him began. While I never saw him in my dreams, I did at times talk to him, but only on the phone,  and it very hard to actually even get him on the phone… I was always trying to find him. I’d call and call, even tracking him down at places I knew he went, but somehow I always just missed him.

On the times I managed to get daddy on the phone, I’d beg to see him… asking over and over “why can’t I find you”?

Somehow, in my dreams, he had moved… so I didn’t really even know anymore where he now lived, but I had an address. When I’d go home and try to find him… it just never happened. Even when I did find his car parked outside one of the clubs he went to, I’d go inside but still never find him. It was like I was chasing a dream!

The only reason I’ve figured out from those dreams is that I was still looking for closure in his death… as I never had had it. Daddy had recently remarried six months previously, so things had changed which caused a very stressful funeral. It definitely wasn’t as if I was at my fathers funeral… or even at his home afterward.

I can’t even remember the last time I had those dreams… maybe I’ve moved on… finally accepting his death!


Fun Facts on Dreams

  • While we don’t often remember our dreams… it’s said that everyone dreams between 3 to 6 dreams a night.
  • Most dreams only last about 5 to 20 minutes each.
  • By the time you get out of bed, you’ve often forgotten your dream.
  • Dreaming may help you develop a long term memory of certain memories.
  • Some say you can dream of a death… while I never have,,, my daughter-in-law did. She dreamed about my mother-in-law who was in a nursing home… dreaming that she was visited by her sister, Catherine, who said to her, “come with me Celia, it’s nice outside, let’s go for a walk.” My son told me this when I called to tell him of his grandmother’s death; Catherine had died earlier in the year. It was very eerie, but sweet… thinking that her sister came for her… to show her the way for them to be reunited again.

Causes of Dreams

There are several theories of why we dream. Are dreams merely part of the sleep cycle, or do they serve some other purpose?

  • Dreams often represent our unconscious desires and thoughts
  • The brain uses these thinking thoughts as you go to sleep.
  • There are always issues pressing on your mind… which often cause you to dream.
  • They say to think of things or someone when trying to sleep and it helps you dream about them… so far I haven’t remembered one of those type dreams.

Happy Dreaming….

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  1. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    I rarely remember dreams, at least good one. Nightmares stay with me in the wakened state. I have a recurring nightmare where I had failed a college class and thereby have been leading my professional career as a fraud.

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