Craft Junkie: Mrs. Butterworth turns into a Witch

Craft Junkie

 Mrs. Butterworth turns into a Witch

Mrs. Butterworth turns into a Witch Canva pic

As a young mother, I always sent away for things by saving box tops and labels… either for the kids or me; this calendar called out to me from the craft genes I inherited. I’ve had this calendar since 1983; the height of my craft years when the kids were small. Off to bed they went at 7… and the evening was mine!

Only a face a mother could love!

I brought her out every Halloween, displaying and giving the kids a scary look that… they had better not touch her; only to be looked at, not played with. She’s been packed away for many years, but this year she made an appearance… and soon to go back into her safe box… till another year. She only makes a yearly appearance like that famous “elf”, who pops up in homes just after Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Buttersworth designed so many crafts using their bottle as the base… today you can only find those bottles at tag sales, or even antique stores, if you’re lucky. They were perfect for doll crafts… you only had to make the clothes, the body of the doll was there.

While at my mother’s house recently I happened to find two bottles in her kitchen cabinets. I just bet she saved them for me! Today, you can only find them at flea markets or antique stores… if you’re lucky! I’ve seen them priced around twelve dollars… for a glass bottle that you only bought for the syrup… but now desirable!

1983 calendar1

I’d forgotten I had even saved this 1983 calendar until during the summer when I opened up my craft pattern box and found it filed away. Of course I had to go down memory lane… and sit and look through every month of crafts.

Did you craft a Mrs. Buttersworth bottle? Love to hear all about it!


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