Family Stories: Halloween in Connecticut

Halloween in Connecticut

halloween gates

While reading through the blog of Heather Wilkinson Rojo on haunted sites in New Hampshire, it made me think of a few I’ve visited here in Connecticut. Halloween always gives us the want to visit these places and see for yourself if they really are haunted! I’ve written of a few I’ve visited, and a few that have me curious!

Midnight Mary

Find A Grave, database and images ( – memorial page for Mary E Hart (16 Dec 1824–15 Oct 1872), Find A Grave Memorial no. 11149432, citing Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

One of the closest “haunted” sites to me, that I’ve visited, is Midnight Mary’s (Mary E. Hart) gravesite at Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven, Connecticut. And No, I’ve never been brave enough to go there at midnight… but my daughter is braver and has visited several times at midnight… sure glad I didn’t know!

I braved a visit with hubby one Sunday afternoon, having no clue as to where her gravestone was even located… and while riding on the back east side of the cemetery, near Winthrop Avenue, I spotted the stone; a large pink granite stone which easily stands out.

The inscription on Midnight Mary’s gravestone

The People Shall Be Troubled At Midnight And Pass Away
At High Noon
Just From, And About To Renew
Her Daily Work In Her Full Strength Of
Body And Mind
Having Fallen Prostrate
Remained Unconscious Until She Died At Midnight
October 15 1872

Midnight Mary quite intrigued me afterward, and in all my googling, I never discovered any definite conclusions as to her true sad demise; there are many suggestions as how she died, of which all are very sad and scary to think about as you stand around her grave… especially at midnight!

Union Cemetery

Image result for union cemetery easton ct


I have never been to Union Cemetery in Easton, CT., but my daughter has. I learned that when I went to see Ed & Loraine Warren speak at Lyman Hall. Loraine asked the audience who had been to Union Cemetery… and I saw a hand slowly next to me go up! I’ve been told if you can’t run fast… from the police, then don’t go as it’s patrolled after dark. So that leaves me out, even though I would enjoy going there… as I love a good ghost story. Union Cemetery is located next to the Easton Baptist Church, at the intersection of Routes 59 and 136.

This cemetery is mostly well known by the presence of the “white lady”. There are several photographs on the internet from those who claim to fame that they’ve seen her… even the famous ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The phantom “white lady” is usually so described as having long dark hair while wearing a nightgown and bonnet to match.

The legend of who she was and why she haunts the cemetery, and also along Route 59, is for several reasons. Some say she was buried in the cemetery after she died giving birth… and her spirit continues to search for her child. Other versions say she met her demise by being a victim of foul play. Whether she was murdered and her body thrown down a sinkhole, which is said to be behind the church, or she died by the hands of her husband in the 1940’s, as some say… many still sneak in the cemetery to try and catch a glimpse of a white lady flowing across the cemetery in the darkness of night.

Dudley Town

I first heard of Dudley Town from my daughter when she was in college… seems she went there one night with friends… and had quite an eerie experience. While enroute, she had turned the radio down as everyone was sleeping, and just before she parked on a side road nearby, the radio blasted… suddenly waking everyone… while also shaking them up a bit! After getting their nerves in order, they began walking up the road toward the entrance in the woods… not long after they even began walking, ghostly images floated across the road. I don’t think they walked in that night!

Dudley Town is situated in one of Connecticut’s cursed areas… abandoned long after it was first settled in 1747. It is situated in a quiet area known as Cornwall… now only known to be abandoned, cursed, and no more. Now, whatever left of the homes and buildings in that area,  which are no more, has been engulfed by the forest… leaving only the shells of foundations; much harder to even recognize today by those who dare to venture in. I do know people who have walked in, and I’m told that once you reach a certain area and begin seeing the crumbling foundation shells, there is no noise, no birds flying, and very strange… you’re standing there in total dead silence! It’s now often referred to as the Dark Entry Forest! I would dare… but only in the light of day… and maybe only armed!

Gardner Lake, Salem, CT

A family in 1895, deciding that they wanted to live on the other side of Gardner Lake,  in the dead of winter, packed and had their house moved. Things happened… seems there was an early morning thaw, and the ice broke… and the house sank. While they were able to retrieve many of their lighter items, they weren’t able to salvage the heavier ones, such as the heavy large upright piano. It’s often said now, that in the early hours of the morning, you might hear a tinkling of the ivories echoing across the lake. So who wants to go? Check out the link above, for more information and the tune that’s often heard. If you’re more brave… check out the lake yourself on a quiet early morning.

Photo from: Boston Public Library – Tichnor Brothers collection

I thought that once a lake freezes, they are quite safe, but who thinks to move your house across one? It must have been terribly sad to watch your home go under. It’s said that divers have actually seen this house sitting on the bottom on the lake.

My personal ghost haunting

Lizzie Gooch


The closest I’ve come to ghost contacts was while at my mom’s house in Georgia. It all began when I opened my newly bought book, Dahlonega Haunts, and turned to read the story on Lizzie Gooch. It gave me chills, scared my daughter in law to run into the other room, and left me wondering what Lizzie was trying to tell me. You can check out the story HERE!

Do let me hear your ghost stories…


If you’re up to a little ghost hunting this weekend, just follow this LINK…

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  1. Wow! Midnight Mary… And the house that sank in the lake. What stories!

    (While I’d be interested in diving to see the underwater house, I don’t think I’d want to visit Midnight Mary’s grave at midnight!)

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