Family Recipes & Memories: Fried Squash Patties

Family Recipes & Memories

Fried Squash Patties

There were many foods I never ate in growing up… and these were never served on our family table. Probably… because my grandparents didn’t grow them! Both of my grandparents had farms, so whenever we visited we came home with bags of fresh vegetables. I have no memory of my mother ever buying veggies at the supermarket! I see many “Southern” recipes now for squash, so why didn’t my mama cook it? She loves squash casserole now, but as she doesn’t cook anymore… I need not ask! She’ll just tell me, “well, help yourself to my kitchen!


Aunt Linda’s Squash Patties

When I married into an Italian family, I was introduced to many varieties of foods and dishes that I had never even heard of. Often, in the beginning, I turned up my nose to them as they sounded like something that might have been cooked on Mars… but I’ve slowly, after 47 years, to have come around to them!

This recipe was not one in my recipe box… as I soon discovered when cousin Joe called me looking for the recipe… he had misplaced his! I turned my house upside down in trying to locate this recipe and couldn’t understand why I never had written it in one of the two family cookbooks, Cooking Family Memories or Italian Famiglia Recipes I had written. I was truly perplexed!

I created these two family cookbooks to document family recipes and memories

Cousin Joe (Burgarella) later called to tell me that it actually wasn’t me who had given him the recipe… Whew! Big relief off my shoulders… now I could stop searching! But then I thought… so why did I never have this recipe… maybe because I usually made either squash flower patties or the squash/pepperoni quiche. Ok, now I feel a little better! This recipe had been given to him by Aunt Linda Cambino… note to self, call Linda asap in the morning!

I quickly called Aunt Linda for the recipe, and while we chatted, she told me that after I posted hubby’s photos of the squash/pepperoni quiche last week, that she made it just this morning. Everyone has suddenly gotten in the squash cooking mood! My mother-in-law, Celia used to make the squash quiche all summer long… at least until it ran out from dad’s garden. It was almost a weekly feature in the house, along with dad’s favorite of squash and eggs for a summer evening meal! While she was known throughout the family as making it the best… it’s her son (my hubby) who makes it the best now. He’s so precise in cutting up the squash and pepperoni to perfect uniform pieces… you could probably measure each one and they’d all be the same size!

Back to the recipe…

Aunt Linda’s Squash Patties

  • 1 medium squash diced small (mine was about 2 cups)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup Bisquick (if the batter is too loose, add a little more, but not too thick)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • salt & pepper to your liking 
  • garlic powder – a few sprinkles and then maybe another sprinkle
  • 1/2 cup grating cheese… and then a bit more for good measure
  • Parsley – I sprinkled a few shakes in the batter (optional)

Beat eggs in bowl, then stir in Bisquick, baking powder, and rest of ingredients; I stirred squash in last. While you don’t want the batter overly stiff, you also don’t want it too loose… so find your happy medium. I did add about 1/4 cup more Bisquick in the beginning, but remember I did have 2 cups diced squash… so judge by that.


Heat your pan… naturally, I used my cast iron pan. Linda told me that she only used enough oil as if you were frying an egg, as she makes hers like an omelet… folding one side over. I chose to make mine the size of dollar pancakes and not flip over like an egg omelet. I kept just the bottom of the pan covered lightly in oil… but it’s your choice! As I got down to the bottom of my batter, I added a tablespoon more of Bisquick as the bottom batter had become more liquidy… even though I had kept stirring. Drain well on paper towels. (If making a larger batch, Aunt Linda suggests using your electric pan, so you sit at the table while you fry.) Believe it or not… but I actually have a cast-iron electric fry pan, but I’d only use it outside… as it is so… so heavy to pick up!


I know you’re wanting one right now… well, they’re still warm on my counter!

I chose to sprinkle mine with grating cheese before eating… Oh so yummy! That’s a trick my father-in-law taught me when he cooked fried eggplant. It definitely made it taste so much better… Yes, dad, I was thinking of you when I made these and how you’d be wanting the first one!

This is a dish that always reminds me it’s summer… finally! Oh, and the heat has been reminding me also!


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2 Responses to Family Recipes & Memories: Fried Squash Patties

  1. I like that you made yours like dollar-sized pancakes. I bet the crusty edges are the best part. At first glance, I thought you’d made a sweet version and it was powdered sugar on top. I don’t eat cheese so it was obvious to me until I began reading.

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