2018: A to Z: All About Nancy Drew Synopsis

2018: A to Z

All About Nancy Drew… Synopsis of Letter Categories

Z glassIn 2016 I learned of the first annual April A to Z… it immediately intrigued me and I began racking my brain for a theme. After much reading, and thinking… I finally came up with the theme of Southern Foods and Memories… it said to write what you know! When April of 2017 rolled around, I decided to share Conversations with Mama to the world… the best of my on-going blog post that has generated from nightly talks to my mother. It’s now 2018 and as Nancy Drew has been on my mind… since I began re-building my collection back… well, I hope you will join me in celebrating All About Nancy Drew during the April A to Z Blog Hop!

Thought I’d make it easier for me in remembering the A to Z categories I wrote on, and for everyone to find and read their favorites categories!

A: A is for… All About Me and Nancy Drew, Artwork, and Automobiles

B: B is for Books and Birthday

C: C is for… Chapters, Characters, Clues, Collecting, Clothing, and Conventions

D: D is for… Drew, Differences, and Dangers

E:  E is for… End Papers, Endings, Expert, Eavesdropping, Ezines, Errors, and Estates/Mansions

F: F is for… Favorites, Foods, Finds, Fans, and Facebook Groups

G: G is for… Ghostwriters, Games, Gifts (Nancy Received), Graveyards, and Genealogy

H: H is for… Happy Birthday Nancy, Home of Nancy Drew, Haunted Houses, and Holidays

I: I is for… Internet, Identity, Inscriptions, and Illustrations

J: J is for… Jewelry, and JFYI…Just For Your Information on Nancy Drew

K: K… is for Carolyn Keene, Kidnappings, and Knitting

L: L is for Letters, Lasts, Look Ups, Lakes, Love, and Library

M: M is for Movies, Memories, Mentions, Merchandising, Mama, and My Little Nancy Drew

N: N is for Nancy Drew and Nancy’s Rules

O: O is for… Out of Time, On My  Shelf, and Oh My!

P: P is for… Publisher, Plots, Places and Planning a Nancy Drew Party

Q: Q is for… Quotes and Questions

R: R is for… Revisions “vs” Originals

S: S is for Signatures, Spines, Sleuthing Party, Storylines, and Superstitions

T: T is for… Travel, TV Series, Trivia, and Taboo

U: U is for… Unusual Finds, Urban Dictionary, Unlikely Events Happening to Nancy, Undressing, Unconscious, Unraveling Mysteries, and Underground Tunnels/Caves

V: V is for… Villains and Video Games

W: W is for… Warnings, Where is River Heights, Writings, War, and Why do I Collect Nancy Drew?

X: X is for… X marks the spot, There’s an X in Hoax, X Words found throughout Nancy Drew stories, and Crossword Puzzle (pun on X), and eXtra’s

Y: Y is for… YOU might be Nancy Drew if, Years, and Yes I Made It

Z: Z is for Zippity Doo Dah… I’m Done!

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2018: A to Z – All About Nancy Drew

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