Family Photographs… and their stories – Easter

Family Photographs… and their stories


swing set

Easter: abt. 1957 in Union Point, Georgia: Love this photo of me with daddy!

We were at daddy’s best friends house in Union Point… Karen and Pat Sisson on the swings with me. I’d love to know whose car that is parked by the road… is it Daddy’s? Can anyone identify its make and model? Did he take me over for an Easter Egg Hunt as all of us girls are dressed in our Easter outfits and Daddy in his bowtie. It seems in many early photos I find of him… he’s always wearing a bowtie… was it because he didn’t like tying a tie? So many questions… too little answers!


This photo of me with Karen and Pat seem to have been the same day – we’re all dressed the same as in the above photo. I can safely bet that my mother made my dress and coat for Easter… she sewed all my clothes when I was young.

Jeanne Easter

I think this was also the same day… same hat, purse, and shoes… and I’m pretty sure same dress! Even today, I still can’t keep my eyes open in a photo!


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5 Responses to Family Photographs… and their stories – Easter

  1. Nancy Cavallaro says:

    Nice picture to look back on

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  2. I love all your photographs! sweet memories!

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