Family Stories: I Spent December Watching Hallmark Movies

How I Spent December (2017) Watching Hallmark Movies

I retired in June (2017), so December was my first Christmas of not having to go to work daily. I begin all this TV movie watching just right around Thanksgiving… and I got hooked! Watching Hallmark movies is something I’ve never really done before… and I’m loving it. Hubby not so much!

thanksgiving movie

I was hooked!

I patiently waited for Dec. 17th for the premiere of “Romance at Reindeer Lodge“… as the movie was filmed just across the street from my daughter’s house. I couldn’t believe it when she first told me… she was excited to watch, especially when they brought all the fake snow in before Thanksgiving for their outdoor scenes. The house was all decorated for Christmas and looked “magical” at nighttime as the lights glistened in the snow.

My granddaughters were super excited as they watched all the commotion across the street; one night they watched a lighted horse and carriage drive up and down their street. They’d run up to the second floor to mom and dad’s room for a view of all the lights across the street.  If you asked if they were filming… they’d scamper up the stairs… returning to tell you if the lights were on or not. I told my daughter that I would have baked cookies every day and made friends!

North Haven Movie

Romance at Reindeer Lodge

So finally Dec. 17th came and it was exciting to see inside the house… and of course “love” evolved at the Reindeer Lodge. Doesn’t love always triumph at the end of every Hallmark Movie? It actually premiered on their other channel – Hallmark Mysteries; I never even knew they played movies on two channels until this year. It wasn’t my favorite move of the season, but it was interesting as I recognized all the local areas they filmed at.

If you watched any of the movies…. did you have a favorite? I’d have a hard time picking one single favorite, but I did have several that I actually enjoyed. There was one about a dog named Buddy that ranked high on my list, and one of a soldier came who came home for Christmas, after being listed as killed in action. But if I must say a favorite, I’d say it was “The Angel of Christmas” about a wooden Angel that a reporter wrote a story on. Her mother had sent her the carved wooden Angel that her grandfather carved many years ago for a woman he once loved. She needed to write a Christmas story for the newspaper she worked for, and after searching out information on the woman who didn’t marry her grandfather and meeting an artist… well he ended up being the grandson of that woman who’d been in love with her grandfather. I know it was mushy… but if you could dream about meeting someone who connected to your past… this would be my love story!

In the story, they talked about how Christmas trees were originally only decorated outside so the angels in heaven first saw the lights…. and the story also told of how the Christmas Angel granted wishes! I made sure my Christmas Angel was on top of my tree this year! I searched out that theory of trees outside but didn’t find anything to make me feel that was how it began. My father’s parents never had a decorated tree inside their home… but she always hung lights on a tree outside. I have no memory of seeing it or questioning why, but again I don’t seem to have any early Christmas memories!

My mother said they never had a Christmas tree in their house growing up either… it seemed as if they didn’t celebrate holidays like we do today. I remember spending Christmas once at Granddaddy McKinley’s farm and we went out in the field and cut down a tree. Mama and I made ornaments from nuts and items we found outside and she made a star using tinfoil to cover a shape. I think I strung popcorn and made paper chains for garland. Somehow, that tree is the only one that I seem to remember.

In asking my mother, why they had no tree… “my parents just didn’t seem to celebrate holidays or even birthdays, it was just another day. He farmed, so his concern was producing enough to feed us… and we always ate well. On Christmas morning Daddy would disappear up to the barns and return with a big box full of apples, oranges, nuts, and candy…  we were as happy as happy could be.”


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2 Responses to Family Stories: I Spent December Watching Hallmark Movies

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    I didn’t watch too many Christmas movies this year and Really don’t remember the couple I did watch.
    I do remember the one about the soldier. I think I saw it last year. Starred William Devane and Meredith Baxter. It was A Christmas Visitor and I believe had something to with a soldier visiting the family of a deceased soldier to help them bring the celebration of Christmas back to them because they had received word of their sons death on Christmas.
    Very inspiring movie.
    J wasn’t crazy about the Hallmark type movies. He’d shake his head at my movies when I watched them.
    He was more into that Christmas Story movie with Darren McGavin and the Chevy Chase one. He also liked the animated one about the children on a train. I forget the name of that one.
    I don’t have too many Christmas memories as a child, either.

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