I’m a Craft Junkie: Barbie’s a Mermaid

I’m a Craft Junkie

Barbie’s a Mermaid

mermaid tales

Every granddaughter received a different color!

What I thought would be a quick knit, was a mermaid snuggy pattern I’d found on Ravelry called Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket by Angie Hartley. I have to admit it took me awhile to learn the pattern, and I had to finally turn to YouTube to fully understand it. Once I had the pattern in my head, it was really an easy knit, although I did have a couple of boo boo’s, but no one probably but I can find them.

After knitting two of these, because the granddaughter had a sister that was now waiting for hers… I couldn’t knit three more. Santa brought warm cozy fluffy ones! My pattern also came with doll mermaid patterns to fit Barbie and the larger American Girl dolls, and they knitted up much faster. In not wanting to use dpn needles, I used my small 9-inch circulars… they worked great. I can knit with the dpn needles, but they do slow me down and I sometimes end up with a line ridge; guess I need to work on that!

In everything I seem to do, I have to wait till it’s almost upon me… to move me along. Well, Christmas was coming, and I decided in November that I wanted to give my 5 granddaughters Barbie mermaid snuggy’s. It so happened I already had one made, and another started; I had begun in the summer, but then laid the project down. I’m not much of a knitter in the summer.

DSC_0411 FIX

The hardest part was keeping them still for the photo!

I worked diligently every night, for the most part… and I was finishing one every few days, just by knitting every night. Not wanting to give just a mermaid outfit, without a doll to put it on, I turned to my favorite online store, Amazon… and within a couple of days… I had Barbies! I made one adjustment to her pattern. I added the first row as just plain knit, instead of starting immediately off with the K1, P1 for the rib… I wanted it to have a curl (you can see that in my photos) Also, depending on what weight of yarn, fingerling or sport, you might need to make the body slightly longer; it’s not hard to add to this pattern… it’s forgiving. All yarn has its own weight and knits up differently.

It was so exciting when they opened their gifts and discovering that their new Barbie came with her own mermaid tail… and each one yelling that they had their favorite color! GiGi knows all, even more than Santa!

All my knitting projects for everyone else is now done… so I plan to concentrate on me now! I want to finally learn how to knit socks and make myself a pair of mittens! Winter is here, snow is here, so let the knitting for me begin!

If you’re reading this and you don’t knit, I’m encouraging you to learn… take a class… watch YouTube… beg a friend to teach you… but Learn! It’s very rewarding to take a strand of yarn and needles and create something. And if you’re like me, you’ll soon be over-run by yarn, needles… and more needles. I have a very hard time at a tag sale if I spot a box of knitting needles… I’m going to stop and rummage through the box, and before I buy, I’m thinking of the person who knitted and loved those needles. Most times, they often come home with me, especially if it’s a ridiculously cheap price; I just can’t leave them there, can I?


Oh, there’s much more… but I wasn’t going to dig them out!

knitting bowl

I’m lucky to have a crafty woodworking husband who made me this knitting bowl! They can easily be made from old wooden salad bowls or any wood bowl shape you like… draw a pattern on the side and cut.

mini knitting bowl

My daughter mentioned she’d like a bowl for her desk… so I found a salad bowl at Target, and Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo… hubby turned it into a mini knitting bowl! He took wooden skewers,  turned them into knitting needles and added a wooden bead on top. I knitted a few rows and – project done!

Ok, time to get your knitting needles out!


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2 Responses to I’m a Craft Junkie: Barbie’s a Mermaid

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    How nice that all the girls got handmade gifts. They will treasure them forever.
    Keep up the knitting. I want to see those socks when you are done.
    My sister has two sewing projects for me that I need to get started on.
    She found two old pair of flared legged pants and wants me to make them straight legged. Plus shorten the sleeves on a top she just bought.
    Knitting is not for me but I use to enjoy sewing, so my sister calls on me when she needs something adjusted.

    Liked by 1 person

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