Turner Family Research: William Pinkney Turner – Post 3 – Turner Family Notes

Turner Family Research: William Pinkney Turner – Post 3 – Turner Family Notes

Are John & Hannah Turner your parents – Still looking…

A continuation of findings, facts and more as I search to authenticate the parents of William Pinkney Turner’s parents… which at this time I believe to be John & Hannah Turner: Post No. 3

My original post on the search for William’s parents can be found Here – it was written January 4th of this year. Since writing it, I have decided to make follow-ups in order for a  better continuation of information. The more you look and study the facts – the more a chance to find that piece of info you have over-looked! Post No. 2 can be found Here.


The more I search the rabbit holes, the more I hope I”ll discover that “specific” clue to absolutely say, “YES” John and Hannah are my William P. Turner’s parents…. it still has not surfaced. It must be there… am I overlooking it? As I think of ways to document that link, I will be posting in these Turner Family Research posts. My plan in Post. No. 3 is to trace the children of John and Hannah Turner – probable parents of my William Pinkney Turner. As I have searched through all the “Turner” families in Lumpkin Co., this is the only family I’ve found that he fits into.

John & Hannah Turner


Their Children:

CHILD 1: Oliver Perry Turner: 1841 – 1909


  • Oliver was born August, 1841 in South Carolina, possibly Union, Union Co., S.C. as that is where Oliver’s parents were in 1840. (Source: 1840 Census on Ancestry)
  • Oliver is listed on the 1850 Davis, Lumpkin Co., Ga. Census, age 9, with parents. His place of birth is listed as S.C. (Source: 1850 Davis, Lumpkin Co., GA. Census on Ancestry; census taken Oct. 7, 1850)
  • No 1860 census found for this family; it’s noted that the 1860 Lumpkin Co. Census was very poorly written and several pages missing, as noted on FamilySearch. I went page by page, twice, through 1860 on Ancestry, and FamilySearch. I did not find this Turner family. I had hoped to find them miss-labeled or listed accidentally under another family, but that was not the case.
  • The 1864 Lumpkin Co. GA., Militia Census lists the father, John Turner, in Lumpkin Co., so I believe the family remained in Lumpkin in 1860, even though I could not find.
  • Oliver P. Turner married Sarah A. Albercrombie, Sept. 30, 1866, Lumpkin, Co., GA.




  • 1867: Aug. 13, 1867 – Oliver P. Turner listed on Georgia, Returns of Qualified Voters and Reconstruction Oath Books, 1867-1869, Lumpkin Co., Georgia.
  • 1870 Lumpkin Co., GA Census list Oliver, wife Sarah A. (now called Fanny), Canada, age 2 (F), Clemeth Wiley, age 2 months, born April, (M). Oliver is listed as born in GA. on this census – he was born in S.C.; his wife was born in Ga., posb. she gave info? (Source: 1870 Lumpkin Co., GA. Census from Ancestry)


Clemeth Wiley (Born April 17, 1870)  died Nov. 19, 1874, Kansas; Clemeth is buried in the  Saltville Cemetery, Mitchell County, Kansas cemetery; he is the first person that was buried in this cemetery.


  • 1880 Salt Creek, Mitchell Co., Kansas Census lists Oliver, age 38, farmer, now listed born S.C. and both parents born S.C.; wife Sarah A., age 33, keeping house: Children Emaline C. (F) (Cansada in 1870), Dolly, age 6 (F), born Kansas, John, age 4 months (M), born Kansas. Oliver and family were in Kansas by 1876/77 when daughter Dolly Mae was born. (Source: Ancestry 1880 Census)
  • oliver-p-turner-1880-clip


  • 1900 Census of Salt Creek, Mitchell Co., Kansas, lists Oliver P. Turner, age 58, born. Aug. 1941, S.C., both parents born S.C., farmer; married to Sarah A., age 52, born May 1848: Son, John, (20), born Jan. 1880 in Kansas:oliver-p-turner-1900-clip


Child 2: Elizabeth Turner – born 1845 South Carolina

  • 1843: born 1845 (posb. Union) South Carolina
  • 1850: Davis, Lumpkin Co., GA
  • 1860: no census found
  • 1870: not listed with family in Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., GA.
  • 1880: listed as age 35 with family in Hightower, Lumpkin Co., Ga. (Ironically John & Hannah listed ALL their children living with them, or elsewhere, on this census. Can I assume that Elizabeth is still living as they listed her at age 35? I hope that they wouldn’t have listed her if she was deceased.) I will continue to look for a marriage license for her.


Child 3: William Pinkney Turner – born 1846 Lumpkin Co., GA.

Born: April 6, 1846 – Died: March 6, 1899

My William Pinkney Turner listed his parent’s place of birth on 1880 census: He lists both parents born Georgia, same as him. But… John and Hannah were born in S. C. (often people didn’t know and guessed or census taker recorded wrong)

Week 42: 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: William Pinkney Turner and Laura A. Gooch  From Blog: The “Union” Civil War records stated he signed up as a volunteer on Oct. 20, 1864, in Cleveland, Tenn. and was discharged on July 17, 1865, in Nashville, Tenn. By that recruit record, he listed he was born in Franklin County, Georgia and at age eighteen he was already a farmer; was he on his own at an early age? His description of himself was written as having blue eyes, sandy hair with a light complexion and average height of 5 ft. 6″. His time of enlistment was noted as one year of service. William could not write but made an “x” on his declaration of a recruit as a volunteer. He was eighteen years and three months of age – old enough to sign on his own as he was born in July of 1846. (His gravestone states born April 6, 1846)


1850: Family No. 54, Davis, Lumpkin Co., GA. Census: John Turner, age 26, born S.C., married to Hannah, age 30, born S.C., son Oliver, age 9, born S.C., daughter Elizabeth, age 7, born S.C., son William Turner, age 4, b. GA. 1846.

1860: Family of John & Hannah Turner not found.

1864 Ga Militia Census John Turner

1864: Militia Census for Re-Organizing the Georgia Militia. No matter how hard I looked, I could not find John and Hannah Turner in the 1860 GA. Census, but yet here he is in the 1864 GA. Militia Census in Lumpkin Co., Georgia. (Source: Ancestry)

Turner William and Laura Marriage CLIP

1867: William P. Turner married Laura A. Gooch – Nov. 14, 1867, Lumpkin Co., GA.

1870 Pinkey Turner Census FIX

1870: William Pinkney Turner, age 23, now married (1867) to Laura A. Gooch, age 19. Child Barney, age 3 months. (Living in Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., GA.)

1880 Turner Lumpkin Co Ga. CLIP

1880: William Turner, age 33, married to Laura A. (Gooch). Children: Barney, age 10, Missouria, age 8, Mary E. age 5, Sarah, age 2. (Note: father shows born N.C., and mother S.C. on this census… but we know census’s are not always correct)

1880 Turner Census

1880: My William lives next door to a George Turner, age 27, wife Caroline, age 25, Miliard (sp), age 4, and Wattie (Mattie?sp), age 1. (George was born in GA., and listed both parents as born in GA., so probably means he wouldn’t be a son of John & Hannah Turner) I never saw this George listed in the household of John and Hannah Turner… I found it interesting though that he lived next door to my William P. Turner. Above him is a William Turner, age 9, listed as a servant, in the household of William Gooch. At this time, I do not know who this young William Turner’s parents are, and have had no luck in placing him in a Turner family, but the Gooch’s and Turner families intermarried, so he could possibly be a cousin; he could even be a grandchild of this William Gooch… children servants are not always listed as grandchildren.

1890: no census

1899: William Pinkey Turner died March 6, 1899, Nimblewill, Lumpkin Co., GA. Buried Nimblewill Baptist Ch. Cemetery.

1900 Turner Census

1900: Laura A. (Gooch) Turner with children still living at home. Barney, age 30, Missouria, age 28, and Dolly, age 17.

1910: Laura A. (Gooch) Turner… still with children listed at home. Barney, age 38, Missouri, age 36, and Dolly, age 26. (Note the ages of Barney and Missouri differ by two to eight years difference)

1914: Laura A. (Gooch) Turner died July 29, 1914, and is buried Nimblewill Baptist Ch. Cemetery.


Child 4: Sarah Sary Turner, born 1852


Child 5: Francis Marion Turner, born 1853

In researching my John Turner and William Pinkney Turner I found info on Francis Marion Turner through another Turner researcher:

Francis Marion: Two marriages found before the third to Carrie Helms/Holmes/Jones: (My Turner lines)

Turner, Francis Marion: No. 2   Spencer, Sarah J.         July 18, 1878
Turner, Francis Marion: No. 3   Bridges, Amanda           November  5. 1871

From research on Ancestry, I’ve now discovered that Sarah Jane Spencer did marry a Francis Marion Turner, but not the son of John and Hannah Turner. The Francis Marion No. 1 in my Turner lines was born 1853; he gave that information when he relinquished his 4 children to the Georgia Baptist Orphanage after the death of his wife Carry Turner.

The Francis Marion Turner No. 2 was born Aug. 28, 1857, died Jan. 3, 1932, and married Sarah J. Spencer; he is buried alongside his wife in Wahoo Baptist Ch. Cemetery, Lumpkin Co., Georgia. (THIS is NOT our Francis Marion Turner)

1880 Lumpkin Co., GA. Census shows our Francis living back home with his father John – and listed as a widower. Could this Amanda Bridges be who he married in 1871; she died and he moved back home. There is also a 6-year-old in his father’s household – could she be a daughter of Francis – she is not listed directly under Francis.


Child 6: Mary A. Turner, born abt. 1857

Mary married Samuel H. Rider (1862-1900) before October 1877 in Lumpkin Co., Georgia.


  • John Samuel Rider (1877 – 1940)
  • Fannie L. Rider (1880 – 1968)
  • Ida Mae Rider (1882 – 1945)
  • Bejamin Rufus Rider (1884 – 1920)
  • Cathie I. Rider (1886 – 1900)
  • Frank Hall Rider (1888 – 1968)


Child 7: Darian Turner (1874 –    )



A work still in progress….. Click Turner Family Research to read more.

If you have any suggestions – Please contact me or leave a comment!

If you are a TURNER researcher – Contact Me, we may be related!

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