2017 A to Z: Letter V… All About Me

2017 A to Z: Letter V…

I thought I’d change the on-going 52 stories this year to an A to Z of 26 stories of  “All About Me”.  I plan to post bi-monthly, but I’m not holding myself to a certain time frame other than completing by year end. Originally I was going to do the “All About Me” for the 30 Day -April A to Z, but thought I might get just a wee bit long-winded, so I’m giving myself a longer time frame. Hopefully, by the time I reach letter Z, I will have written all I can remember about “me.” If you so feel inclined, why not join me in your own “A to Z” of All about Me!


Letter V is for… Valentines, Vampire, and Veggies


heart border

My first memory of Valentines Day is from grammar school… loved writing out valentines and giving to friends at school… depositing them in the boxes we made. I saved the valentines below in my scrapbook. The old valentines are the best, not like what the kids have today… cheap looking in comparison to ours… we had the best “corny” verses!


A few Valentines saved in my scrapbooks from grammar school. One even had the name anonymous written on it… boys were always afraid to write their names!

When older, Daddy always gave me candy on Valentine’s Day and after I married, he often sent me roses. That’s something that always comes to mind every Valentines Day and how I wish I could just have one more day to tell him “Happy Valentines“.


Valentine bags for my granddaughters

Today when Valentine Day comes, I’m usually thinking of some craft to make my 5 granddaughters… just a little something to let them know GiGi is thinking of them and they are my “Valentines.”

In trying to “declutter” lately… I found a Valentine box of candy Steve gave me one year… how different these large boxes of Valentine Candy came in compared to today; they no longer come in separate boxes anymore. While I’m throwing many things out, or trying to… I’ve always kept it… and I’m thinking I’ll keep it a little longer!

candy box

Saved for more years than I can remember in the Whitman box

candy heart

I was surprised when I found “our” cards underneath the Valentine!

One of my favorite Valentine gifts was the day my daughter married on Valentines Day. It’s funny how she chose that day, as Valentines Day had never been her favorite until she met the man who stole her heart… and it quickly became the best day to celebrate their wedding day! Living in Connecticut, you never know what February will bring, but they were blessed with a beautiful day… just a sprinkling of snow on the ground for beauty and color.
wedding pic

The “Valentine” couple


Doesn’t everyone love a good “vampire”? I guess my love for them comes from the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows and the most famous vampire during my lifetime… Barnibus Collins. I watched it faithfully, even reading the books after I married. Another collection sitting in my bookcase, a full set of the Dark Shadow novels! Will I ever grow up? Probably Not!


Just a few of my Dark Shadow novels – Love Barnabus!

At one time, the Sci-Fy channel played Dark Shadows daily and hubby and I watched every evening. I’m sure he didn’t mind watching, as there were some “pretty” witchy women on there! Even though he never watched in growing up, he actually enjoys the campy soap with me now. The characters are a hoot and just to dissect the set designs and look for the many bloopers are enough to entertain. I’d still watch it now if I didn’t have to drag out the DVD’s to put on… so much easier if Netflix would stream it. But as of this writing, I’ve discovered that I can watch over on Amazon with my Prime account; now back to watching every day!


I would say I ate my share of veggies in growing up… but only Southern ones like black-eyed peas, okra, string beans, butter beans, corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes. They were what my grandparents grew on their farms. Mama never had to buy veggies in the store…  there was no need to, as we always came home with bags full!

Sunday dinners at Grandmama Bryan’s house would be a table loaded with vegetables. My all-time favorite was her cream style corn… yummy… I can almost see that bowl now and boy do I wish I could sit down at her table one more time. I always could make a meal out of just creamed corn and a biscuit. While it might sound strange to you, I loved to cut open a biscuit and fill it with cream corn! Hubby even remembers eating there and still remembers the large bowls of veggies she served and that bowl of corn! Mama remembers she had a different way of cutting her corn off the cob. She first would take her sharpest knife, and slice down through each kernel before cutting all the kernels off the cob. That’s a labor of love!

Mama never had to go to the grocery store to buy vegetables, we just went to my grandparents… they both had farms. Granddaddy Bryan is who I remember the most in farming; he had a big field of corn every year and grew all types of vegetables. We’d arrive to find grandmama sitting on the back porch with the famous porcelain dish on her lap as she shelled peas or snapped beans. Granddaddy also sold veggies… fresh from the garden. If anyone came to buy, he’d swing his leather satchel over his shoulder and head down to the field to pick them a “mess.” He never picked them ahead of time, he liked to give them fresh from the field!


Granddaddy Bryan picking beans with great-grandson Charles “Chuck” Bryan

After moving to Connecticut, my choices of foods drastically changed… and I learned to eat many different veggies over time. While I first turned my nose up to the likes of Eggplant, Zucchini, Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussel Sprout, and Artichokes, I eventually came around and they are definitely favorites now… but I still haven’t forgotten my Southern veggies!


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