Nancy Drew: I’m Hooked Again!

magnificator Nancy DrewNancy Drew: I’m Hooked Again!

My Nancy Drew Books

How did I become “hooked” again on Nancy Drew… bringing me right back to my childhood? I believe I can credit my granddaughter Ella and her love for reading… and it’s opening up a whole new world for her. It’s amazing to watch her read, sounding out new words and reading a book for herself! Seems like just yesterday, I was reading to her! In wanting to encourage her, I remembered my love for Nancy Drew when I was her age, and have begun to buy her books… but it has snowballed and pulled me back in!

Somewhere… in the back of my mind, “Nancy” was still there, just waiting…. and maybe this was my excuse to follow the yellow brick road back to her. I am having the time of my life in re-reading the Nancy books I’ve acquired. Everywhere I go, I’m constantly searching for that famous “yellow spine”… and when I spot one… it’s so exciting to pick it up. I’ve learned more about Nancy in the past few months than I’ve ever known. Who knew that there was ever more than one Nancy Drew story for each book… or that there was more than one artsy book cover for each book… or that Nancy Drew books were still even in print… or that there were so many “like me” obsessed with Nancy and recollecting their books… which had disappeared down the rabbit hole!

I’ve fallen in love again with Nancy so much that I’m already planning my annual April – A to Z: 2018 on my blog… and you guessed it… I”ll be writing on Nancy Drew! As if I don’t have enough on my plate of writing regular posts on my blog, knitting, de-cluttering my house, and now Christmas is coming… Yikes, what am I thinking!

With Christmas coming, I need to begin thinking of what GiGi (me) will be buying for my five granddaughters…and what new Christmas felt ornaments I’m making this year. I have kind of slacked off in creating a new ornament every year, so I need to get back into that… maybe it can be a Nancy Drew motif… somehow this year! Any suggestions!

I retired this year… and there just isn’t enough time for all I want to do!

Once the A to Z, All About Nancy Drew, popped into my head… well, I wasn’t able to just file that thought away until next year… and I have already begun gathering ideas. I’ve made myself a notebook, and am in the process of writing “words” for each letter of the alphabet as triggers of what my daily posts might be. It’s definitely keeping me busy!

Not only am I writing on various subjects about the Nancy Drew books… I’m also reading them, both the original text (OT) and the revised text (RT). Who knew they revised those treasured books I once read? But in the early years of the 1960’s, I would never have even thought about that, as I bought “new” books in building my collection, and all those books were the later 20 chapter books.

In learning that there were “two” books for many of the early Nancy books… well, of course, I now want both books… Who wouldn’t! The more and more I learn… the more I want!

In de-cluttering my house… or somewhat trying to… I said I would, never-ever, collect another thing! Well, who pays attention to that subconscious who tells you those things? You only live once in this world, so live and be happy! And if you want to buy and collect Nancy Drew again… then go for it! My “Nancy” addiction is beginning to already outgrow my bookcase that once housed my genealogy books, my Dark Shadow books and my husband’s model cars he builds. I think he’s already realized that he was going to soon be “outed”… so he has graciously packed his cars away for now. What a great hubby!

I can’t begin to tell you too many details here on what all I’ve learned about Nancy, as I’m saving that for my “A to Z… All About Nancy Drew in April of 2018.” It will be here before I can say “Bippity Boppity Boo.”

If you are a lover of Nancy Drew, I hope you will follow me along on my A to Z… and if you have any ideas or suggestions for me to write on… well, please leave me a comment below. I’m hoping I have some “Nancy” friends that love her as much as I do and will enjoy following along.

While recently visiting mom in Georgia, who was also a Nancy reader in the ’40’s, I  even managed to write a short Nancy Drew story while there and thought maybe I’d close each daily A to Z post with an expert from it. Another thing to do now… polish up that story!

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4 Responses to Nancy Drew: I’m Hooked Again!

  1. Susan Rosine says:

    How interesting that not only do we share a love of Nancy Drew, but also Dark Shadows and genealogy! An interesting combination!
    I will definitely follow along with you on your A-Z.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, Nancy Drew…she and I were old friends! I loved the Hardy Boys too!

    Liked by 1 person

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