Weekend Weathervanes: Yale Weathervanes Post 2: Davenport College

Weekend Weathervanes

Post 2: Yale Davenport College

Now I know what to do with those photos – “thanks” to Heather Wilkinson Rojo at Nutfield Genealogy; she blogs Weekly Wednesday Weathervanes  in New Hampshire.  Please check out her page and enjoy the many unusual weathervane photos and often be entertained with a history lesson. It’s amazing at what you can encounter in your travels  – You Just Need To Look Up!
DSC_0794 FIXDavenport College

Davenport College, located at 248 York St., and named for John Davenport, is one of the fourteen residential colleges of Yale University. A double weathervane atop Davenport is a banner flag with an arrow, and below a circle weathervane, also with an arrow. It was designed by James Gamble Rogers and completed in 1933 in both a Gothic and Georgian style. Its front sandstone facade faces York Street and is constructed in a Gothic detail; the remaining inner facade is built in a red-brick Georgian style, more matching of the colonial era.


The front  is depicted in sandstone – Gothic style

davenport_back viewFIX

The rear of Davenport facing the inner courtyard built in the red-brick Georgian style; the Harkness Tower is in the background.


I enjoy discovering the architecture at Yale – Love the unicorns!


The one thing that frustrates me is “locked” gates


     Notable Alumni of Davenport college

  • George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States
  • George W. Bush, 1968, 43rd President of the United States
  • Barbara Bush, daughter of President George W. Bush
  • William F. Buckley, Jr., prominent conservative columnist
  • Ben Carson, 1973, neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican presidential candidate


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  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    I’m really enjoying these–and the architecture.

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