Conversations with Mama: You never know what she will say and more… #43

Conversations with Mama: You never know what she will say and more… #43


July 20, 2017: I couldn’t wait to call mama tonight to tell her about the picture I saw on Facebook of a stuffed torso of a man stuffed feet up… in a garden with a bike lying next to him… she said after she laughed… “I’d love that, but it sounds like too much trouble to make and I bet the cops would stop to check it out and probably get after me.”

We went to a school closing sale in Monroe, CT. today and it was “fill a bag for 5”… I filled two bags so heavy that we could hardly carry them. Filled with Lots of Nancy Drew books and a few more odds and ends I found there. I found over 17 new titles to add to Ella’s collection and some not so good readable Nancy Drew’s that I’ll read from. “Bring me some books when you come, it’s been like 100 years since I’ve read a Nancy Drew book.”

On my “Q” post in my All About Me blog series, I asked if she remembered the old show, Queen for a Day, and … “I don’t remember that show, but I didn’t sit down and watch TV during the day, I was always busy doing something, and later after I got my license I worked all day in Clara’s Beauty Shop.”

July 23, 2017: I told mama about the book sale we went to on Friday (21st) in Southport, it was under two HUGE tents on the library’s lawn with thousands and thousands of books. I headed straight to the children’s section while Steve parked. By the time he found me, I had found the Nancy Drew flashlight books, 3 boxes of them. He helped me to pull out the ones I didn’t have (I have a list of my phone) and we boxed them. Then he found a box of “vintage” ones (YooHoo) and as they were only “one dollar” I pretty much took them all! As my box was full, I paid for those and he took them out to the car while I continued looking around. On the other side, I found several more mixed in and another box of Nancy’s that I picked through and pulled out a few more before I called it a day…. It was super hot under those tents!” Mama said… “When you come down we will have to go to the libraries down here and see if we find any. You must have them all by now as you found so many at that sale.”

After talking Nancy Drew… mama began telling me… “This woman that sits at our table is really getting on my nerves, I hate bossy people. Carolyn is in charge of our table at lunch and this woman just tries to take over like she’s running it and she goes to the meetings too… only Carolyn should be going. The next time she starts, I’m going to stand up and ask her “who elected you?”… so sit down and shut your mouth, you are not in charge here!” Oh Boy, there’s going to be trouble at lunch!

In changing the subject, I told mama about the skunk family we saw living in our backyard… mama skunk with three babies. I took photos of them… but they only look cute from a distance; at first, I had thought it was a black and white cat in the backyard. “I never see any around here and I don’t even remember any around the farm, our dogs never got sprayed. Even when daddy went fox hunting, I don’t remember hearing him ever talking about seeing any skunks while out with the dogs. I’m sure he would have come home stinking if the dogs got sprayed. I can’t believe you, living in the city, have so many skunks around… I wonder why? I don’t even see any around here either… never remember smelling any either.”

“I remember one time while I was on the school bus that our driver wouldn’t let some other kids on. I guess they had run into a skunk on the way to school and got sprayed… and they were stinking. He shut the door and sent them back home, he definitely wasn’t letting them on the bus.”

July 25, 2017: I told Mama I emailed Karen S. yesterday and I heard back from her today. She’s retired also and now living in Queens in New York with a friend. “Me, I’m just content to lay here and watch TV and be with Boo. I used to like to read and I’d read everything I got my hands on. Now I never read.”

“I went to the grocery store today and got my coffee, but I didn’t get my donuts. I did remember my Ensure though… have to have my chocolate drink… I love them! Boo just laid his head in my hand and just rolling himself around.”

July 26, 2017: What a surprise when I called tonight… “I’m sitting here reading a Nancy Drew book I bought at FISH today, actually I bought 3 books there… No. 2, 3 and 6. I’m reading The Bungalow Mystery right now. I don’t know what made me think of going there when I left the senior center, as I haven’t gone down there in a while. I was surprised to actually find them there, they are the flashlight ones you had mentioned. I also brought home a book I found at the senior center, The Prince, and the Pauper.”

I told mama about taking McKinley and Grace to The Lavender Farm today, took lots of photos and now I’m pooped Keeping up with two “Gingers” is tiring. They had lunch at the beach and later we took them home. “I bet daddy Frank was happy to see them arrive home, now they are his for the evening. He’s so sweet with them, I’ll never forget watching him as he changed Gracie… he was just so tender with her. I wanted to just hug his neck for being such a good dad.”

“Guess who called me this afternoon… Karen (Sisson). She said she’d heard from you in an email. It was good to hear from her, she’s retired, loving it and still sounds just like the old Karen I knew.”

July 30, 2017: Mama called me this afternoon… “I called because I was worried you might be on the road and I didn’t know where you were.” “I am home, doing nothing but being aggravated with all this stuff in my house, it’s smothering me!”… “I’m here doing nothing, just laying on the bed watching TV all day. I don’t even think I’m going to the center tomorrow, I just can’t take listening to that woman at our table. Three boxes of Ensure came yesterday, I guess I’m set for awhile… I can pop “tops” all day now.” I told mama that I finally found Melissa’s “Nancy Drew” books I bought probably over 20 years ago… Steve found them in a box in the cellar… “Too bad you didn’t find them before you went out and bought yours, but maybe the girls will want to read them.”

August 1, 2017: While watching a man jump rope really fast on a show, I told Mama, and… “I used to do all that as a kid, we’d have two ropes going at once and I’d run in and out… sometimes we’d even have three of us girls running in and out. I could also jump rope backward. Now I’d surely break my leg trying to do that… I’m not able to do all now that  I used to do so easily. But if I was watching someone do it, I know I’d want to try.”

“I was just reading Nancy Drew, The Quest of the Missing Map when you called.  It’s ok, but not keeping my interest at this point, so I was trying to finish it tonight instead of watching TV. I hadn’t found anything to watch on TV, so I figured I’d finish up the book instead. After this book, I think I’ve read all the ones I bought and the one you sent. Did I tell you that there were Bobbsey Twin books at Fish also? Actually, there were quite a lot of them there, maybe I’ll buy a couple of them to read. When you come down, make sure you take them all home with you.”

“I did go to the center today, that woman didn’t come… that was a good thing! She gets on my nerves… and I think she knows it, especially when she sidled up next to me and asks, “don’t you like me?” “One of these days I’ll tell her the answer to that question and she might not want to hear it.”

“Oh guess who called me this afternoon? Rose and Steve called, I could hear Ana and Nina yelling to talk in the background. I didn’t hear Ella’s voice, maybe she wasn’t there.”

August 2, 2017: Somehow I happened to mention how I often skipped school with my girlfriend Linda during my senior year in high school… we’d have our bathing suits in the car and go to Lake Sobesofke in Macon for the day. Mama said… “I knew you did that, but I don’t remember how I knew… but I knew!”

“I used to skip school often in high school… we would hang out in the cemetery or down by that bridge over the road next to the train station in Greensboro. We couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything or we’d be seen. Sometimes Willie Mae’s boyfriend would pick me up on his motorcycle and later bring me back at the end of the day to get back on the bus, or take me home around the time I’d get off the bus; I’d walk down to my house… and daddy never knew I didn’t actually get off the bus. I always stashed my books under bushes so I could get them at the end of the day. If daddy had caught me he would have blistered my backside, and he did once when the truant officer came to the farm. But he ran him off telling him he’d take care of dealing with me, and he did later when he caught up with me.”

“My brother, Leroy, skipped school a lot and I’d write his excuse note… he’d give me five or ten cents. Whenever mama wrote a note for school, I always had to rewrite it! Before he went or was drafted in the Army, he skipped a lot; most of the boys who were being drafted skipped all the time. They knew they would be drafted into the Army soon, so why bother staying in school.”

August 5, 2017: First thing mama asked tonight was… “So where did you go today?” After telling her about finally finding the BIG flagpole we always see on RT. 34, I could tell she thought we were nuts! “So I guess it was meant for you to find, she said!” Then, I told her about the ant farm I had bought Steve a couple of years ago, and finally ordered ants for it. “Don’t bring any ant farm down here, I don’t want No ants! I’d be stepping on all those piss ants if they were in my house. Boo is running through the house right now like something is chasing him… his ears are slick back and his eyes are as big as saucers. I don’t know what he saw, but I didn’t see it.”

August 7, 2017: First thing mama asked when I called, “Did you buy any Nancy Drew books today?”… “Nope, I found not one Nancy Drew!”… “Boo and I spent the weekend in the bed, he just got up when the phone rang, he’d been warming himself under the covers. Maybe he thought his girlfriend was calling.”

“Boy I’d like to have that breakfast plate I see on TV right now, but I’m not going to go do anything in the kitchen to make it. I might just go get another Ensure and forget it.”

August 8, 2017: While on the phone tonight with mama, she said… “Someone is out in the yard flashing their lights, I better put some clothes on. I’m going to lay the phone down for a minute and go out on the porch.” I could hear her yelling from the porch… “Who’s out there, you better get out of my yard flashing those lights.” Then I hear her fussing to Boo as she’s coming back in the house… then she’s fussing because she can’t find the phone. I tried yelling loud to help her find “me” on the phone… finally, she finds me. “Well there was a car out there, but they left after I yelled to get out of my yard.”

In telling Mama about Ana balling up her fist today and punching Ella in the stomach… “Willie Mae and I were like that, we’d rumble and tumble over clothes and boys. Her dad, Bill Walker, often told us, “if you two don’t stop I’m going to kick both of you out here.”

August 9, 2017: Mama was watching America’s Got Talent when I called… “This older man is singing now, boy can he belt one out. I remember the colored people who came to help daddy pick his cotton when it was ready. They loved to sing while they worked… said it helped to while away the hours. I loved hearing them sing, and while I picked, I sang too.” I told her we were going to listen to music tomorrow night, and… “I never liked to go and just listen to music, I only liked to dance to music.”

August 10, 2017: When I called, somehow the conversation turned to… “I don’t believe in ghosts, but if one walked by me it wouldn’t scare me. That woman at the center asked me again today, “don’t you like me?” And again I said, I really don’t like you and I wish you wouldn’t ask me those type questions. I don’t like people pushing on me and you’re going to get your feelings hurt if you don’t stop.”

I guess Boo is all through with his running now, he’s settling down at the foot of the bed now. Guess the devil was after him.”

I laid in this bed all day today.” I said, “well tomorrow is Sunday, a day of rest.” I’ll rest tomorrow too. I might go out and see if I find a yellow squash, I see a few blooms, but I still haven’t found a squash, guess they didn’t make any.”

August 13, 2017: I called mama late tonight, about 10 o’clock, as I had been working on a Weathervane post. She asked, “so what did you do today”? I began telling her all about the Booth Memorial Museum and Park… “You need to go around and give speeches and talk about all your travels and I hope you write all of where you and Steve go, down in a book.”

After telling Mama that I found two more Nancy Drew books over the weekend… “Someone at the center told me they had some books and would bring me some, but they never brought them.”… Who were they, maybe you can ask them again, I said. “I don’t remember right now, it might have been one of the cooks in the kitchen… if I remember tomorrow I’ll ask them again.”

“I hope it rains tonight, I love to hear the rain, especially on that piece of tin I put outside my window. If Boo thinks it’s going to rain or thunder, he flies under the bed.”

August 15, 2017: When mama answered, I asked: “whatcha doing?” “I’m waiting for you… I went to “Fish” today after leaving the center and rummaged through the books. I bought a Hardy Boys, A Bobbsey Twins, and a Nancy Drew book that has two stories in one book, Book 1 and Book 2. I went to the center and then to fish and rumbled through the books.”  

“I brought home a new pair of flip-flops from the center today, mama told me.” I said… “What, to go with the other 200 pair you have?” “I only live once, passing through, so now I do what I want, and when I want, and I don’t want to clean this house lately either… Boo doesn’t care!”

I mentioned that I had found Melissa’s trolls in cleaning today, and…  “I used to have a couple of trolls, I had them up above the mirror in the beauty shop. One day they fell behind the mirror and I never did get them out, so guess when they remodeled the shop they found them. I’d like to have one of those troll earrings of Melissa’s, I’d wear them down to the center. Tell her to send me a pair.”

I told mama about finding a medal last week, and that it must be Daddy’s from the Navy. It was a Theater Campaign Medal and there were Navy ships on the front. You must have given it to me a really long time ago when you gave me Leroy’s medals. I wasn’t even into family research then, so I just put them all away. I found it pinned to a pillowcase that Stephen had pinned all his collection of old pins and buttons on. I noticed it right away and took it off to look at. In looking up daddy’s records, it was one of the medals he was given. “I don’t remember ever having one of his medals, but it’s been so long. It might have just been at our house and with my jewelry. I always thought his mother had his medals as he never talked about them to me; I knew nothing about his Navy days.”

August 17, 2017: After mentioning the eclipse to mama…. “I’ve heard about eclipses all my life, but never really saw one. I’ll have to tell them at the center about the one in Siloam in 1900; my father would have been about 6 years old.” I told mama she should watch this one, as the next one won’t be here until 2024… “Maybe I’ll live to see it”, she said. I laughed and said, “well if you do, then we both will probably be in the same nursing home.”

I mentioned Boo to her and… “Boo’s tail is going ninety to nothing… his tail is just a-going… he knows we are talking about him.”

There’s a gnat in here tonight that is trying to go up my nose and it’s driving me crazy,” Mama said after I told her the story of the fly in the living room that made me spill my coffee tonight all over me and the couch. The fly won… he got away!

“When I grew up, I didn’t have all the toys like the kids have today. I had to go outside and find things to play with. I mostly played with paper-dolls, but I cut them out of the Sears and Roebuck book, and their furniture too. I found a doll in a ditch one time on the way home from school and thought Santa had dropped it. My cousin Hill Askew had thrown it away after receiving it at school as a gift. To me, it was the best thing I ever found! At home, we usually only received fruits and nuts on Christmas morning. In our stocking would be English Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, and one orange. One Christmas, my brother found my Christmas gift, a sewing machine. He tried using it and ended up breaking it. Mama got so mad… and that was the end of gifts after that.”

“Johnny came and cut my grass today, so I guess we will go out to eat Friday or this weekend if they want. I wasn’t dressed when he came… wearing my usual birthday suit, so I didn’t even go outside to say hello; he wasn’t out there very long.”

August 21, 2017: I called Mama while at The Grove in West Haven for the last music concert. I asked her… “did you see The Eclipse?” “No, I wasn’t interested in seeing that… Boo and I watched TV all day, I didn’t even go to the center. Did you and Steve see it?” “Yes I went out a couple of times and looked at it through my eclipse glasses, Steve used his welding helmet. I had cut an outline of CT. to make the shadow of my state show on the ground. Tried that colander thing I saw on TV too, trying to make eclipse shadows through, but we were so cloudy, there wasn’t a lot of bright sunshine.”

“I was just reading one of the Nancy Drew books I picked up when you called, The Missing Masterpiece. I’ve just about finished all the ones I found at Fish. You can take them all home when you come.”

In telling mama about all the dolls I found this week of my daughter, she said… “I didn’t like dolls much as a girl, but I did like to shoot their eyes out with my BB gun. I’d rather follow my brother around when he went into the woods than play with dolls; it’d make him so mad when I tagged along.”

“Well, Mr. Boo just came out from under the bed and headed over to his food dish. Now he’s gone again already, probably went out on the front porch. He wants to be out in the yard so bad, but how long would he last?”

Mama said I should have a yard sale with all the things I’m finding… and then, “I remember helping my friend, June Boswell, have a yard sale when we were kids. Her grandmother gave her some old clothes and jewelry and we set it all up in her yard like a store sale. Whatever money we made, we went over to Johnson’s Pharmacy and bought comic books. June lived just down from the stores in town in a big white house. I always wanted daddy to buy her house after they moved.”

To be continued…

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  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    Very entertaining. I went through a period a few years ago where I read some old Nancy Drews and Judy Boltons. It was a lot of fun, actually. My favorite will always be Larkspur Lane . . . .

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