2017 A to Z: Letter Q… All About Me

2017 A to Z: Letter Q…

I thought I’d change the ongoing 52 stories this year to an A to Z of 26 stories of  “All About Me”.  I plan to post bi-monthly, but I’m not holding myself to a certain time frame other than completing by year end. Originally I was going to do the “All About Me” for the 30 Day -April A to Z, but thought I might get just a wee bit long-winded, so I’m giving myself a longer time frame. Hopefully, by the time I reach letter Z, I will have written all I can remember about “me.” If you so feel inclined, why not join me in your own “A to Z” of All about Me!



Letter Q is for… Queen For A Day, Quit, Questions and Quilts

Queen for a Day:

I have many memories of this old TV game show… watching daily after school. Why I watched it I have no clue, maybe I just found it interesting that they dressed someone’s mother up with a royal-type cape and made her “Queen for a Day”… almost like a modern adult Cinderella story with the woman competing as to who could tell the biggest sob story. Or maybe it preceded my favorite show after school… Dark  Shadows!

It first originated on radio, broadcasting new on April 30, 1945, but it was only the TV show I watched, which first aired on NBC in 1956. This game show ran on NBC until 1960, then switched to ABC and continued until 1964.

day scale

Jack Bailey was the host and opened each show with the same phrase… “Would YOU like to be Queen for a day?” The four contestants were introduced and then asked to tell what they needed most and why they wanted to be Queen for a day. At the end of the show, there was an applause meter which registered the studio audience’s responses to select the winner. The woman receiving the highest applause was immediately covered in a long red velvet “queen” robe and crowned… then ushered to a waiting throne. She was given a bouquet of long stemmed red roses, while “Pomp and Circumstance” played. I remember the woman sitting there with tears running down her cheeks as her winning prizes were announced. Sometimes it was things needed for a sick child and other times it was just household appliances like a new stove and refrigerator; often she received extra gifts like vacation trips or fashion clothing. The losing contestants also were given smaller prizes; no one left without a gift.

The ending was always Bailey’s trademark sign-off…  “This is Jack Bailey, wishing we could make every woman a queen, for every single day!”


This is one word that has never been in my vocabulary! When I tell Mama about something I’m making or working on and having a problem, she tells me just throw it away, don’t make yourself crazy. Nope…. not me! I will persevere until I finish or figure it out, making myself crazy… that’s just me! I don’t like quitting, I need to finally figure it out. And like I’ve told my children as they grew up… when you figure out what your problem is, then the knowledge is yours. Never be a quitter… don’t take the easy way out!

My mother doesn’t pursue any problems now, but maybe because she is older and doesn’t feel the need to. I’m sure she wasn’t that way in her younger years as she made many things and was an expert seamstress making all my clothes. There was never anything she couldn’t make! So I’m sure she really wasn’t a quitter like she proclaims to be now!


I am a big question person, always asking who, what, where and how; I just want to learn and know things.

Often Mama tells me, “stop drilling me.” She reminds me that I must have gotten my inquisitiveness from her father. I guess he asked many questions also as his sister often referred to him as a “cornbread lawyer.” Not quite sure what that really means, other than maybe the cornbread refers to poor…. so does that mean he would have been a poor lawyer? Mama told me many times that I should have become a lawyer because I ask a thousand questions…. sure wish I had!

I thought of pursuing the field of paralegal when my kids were small, but chickened out as I wasn’t comfortable driving into New Haven and how could I research places or go to the courthouse if I didn’t drive into the city. I would have been good at it too…. as I enjoy research. Maybe that’s what pushed me into all the family history… you have to enjoy researching in order to trace your family history.


In growing up I felt everyone had quilts as they were everywhere in our house. They were on the sofa, on the bed and always a couple of older ones I dragged for outside reading. Mama laughs about the quilts her mother would use day after day, the same ragged ones.. when she had plenty of new ones all stacked in the back room. She was saving them… not sure what she thought she was saving them for?

It was my grandmother McKinley who made the most quilts… and the more intricate ones. My grandmama Bryan quilted also, but she mostly only made plain square quilts. Grandmama McKinley did pattern quilts, but the funny part is, she made them just by looking at them.. she couldn’t follow a pattern. While she only needed to see whatever she wanted to quilt, crochet or sew… she could copy it! To me, that’s true talent! I would rather have a pattern. I have copied things, but often I find it takes me so long to try and figure it out, I’d rather just have a pattern; I have no problem in reading and following patterns.

The quilt on the left is a “wedding ring” patterned quilt and was made by Grandmamma McKinley for my mother when she married; she made an identical one for her son. The quilt on the right is a pattern called “flower garden.” Both of these quilts were passed to me by my mother … I’ve always hoped to be able to display them, but it’s difficult with animals in the house.


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3 Responses to 2017 A to Z: Letter Q… All About Me

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    I vaguely remember ‘Queen for a Day’, probably the same reason you do, as it preceded Dark Shadows. I’d forgotten about that one.
    Cornbread Lawyer. New one on me. Now I’ll think about that until I figure it out.
    I love your grandmother’s quilts. I’ve only got a lap quilt that my grandmother Grace made for me. I know she made a few but I’ve no idea where they all ended up. I remember her sewing room in the large house they lived on Forsyth Street in Macon and all her quilting squares.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful quilts….love them!

    Liked by 1 person

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