Family Photos: 1962 – The Bryan Family Reunion and more

Family Photos

Family photos are a treasure… and they tell a story if you just look hard enough. This was a recent photo I discovered again… long forgotten. In studying it, what caught my eye was that both my parents were in the picture… but where was I? Being an only child, my mother kept tight reigns on me and I was never out of eyesight… so where was I in 1962… I was ten years old! And…Yes, I have asked her… if you’re wondering. But at the moment, she can’t remember… especially after fifty-five years. BryanReunion

The Bryan Reunion

I’ve had many cousins ponder this photo and betwixt us all we have come up with the names below. I did not want this photo lost without knowing their names… at least the majority of them. There are very few survivors in this photo and without these people, our family photographs might end up in a pile as unidentified.”

Every time I still look at this photo, I’m still at a loss as to how I didn’t end up in this picture, but also missing in my immediate family is my father’s parents, Paul & Evelyn Bryan. I’m sure if we were there…. they were there…. somewhere! And I’m pretty sure they would have ridden with us in our station wagon, with me riding shotgun all the way in the back; I loved riding in the far back seat facing the cars behind us!

I know granddaddy Bryan always helped in cooking the pig anytime there was a BBQ… and no Bryan family reunion was held without BBQ and Brunswick Stew! That just wasn’t going to happen!

So Where Were My Grandparents?

Front Row L. to R: Leon Bryan and wife Louise (directly behind him on left), small boy looking behind him, next to Leon, is Steve Yearwood, Helen (Bryan) Yearwood with arm on Leon (Leon’s dau), Helen (McKinley) Bryan (my mom) in chair, Kathy Yearwood (girl in my mother’s lap), Cindy Bryan Moore (young girl kneeling), Skipper Bryan (Charlie’s son), Charlie Bryan, Myrt Bryan Poss, Harold Lee Bryan (Clyde’s son), Debra “Debbie” Lee Bryan (daughter of Harold and Essie Maude Bryan: age 4), Henry Walter “Mutt” DeLoach, Susan Elaine Pemberton Hall (girl in front touching face. I first thought this girl might be me, but mama would have had me next to her. Susan is the daughter of Elizabeth Bryan Pemberton.)

Back Row L. R: Charles Bryan and wife Rosa Lee, Clayton Bryan (my father), Runt Bryan, unk woman, John Robert Poss (peeking through), Sara Kate Bryan (wife of Runt Bryan) Polly Bryan (wife of Charlie), Essie Maude Rayburn Bryan (wife of Harold Bryan), William Franklin Pemberton (son of Elizabeth Bryan Pemberton), Ever Lou (Ogletree) Bryan, (wife of Clyde), Clarence Sibley Bryan (son of Clyde), Clyde Bryan. 

MyrtandBrothersJuly1962 (2)

I believe this photo was also taken on the same day. The photograph says July 1962 and their clothes look the same. Again, my grandfather, Paul Bryan is missing from this picture!

I can only assume granddaddy Bryan was tending the pig or chopping BBQ and grandmamma Bryan was possibly brewing her BBQ sauce with a recipe that I’ve yet found written down anywhere! Is that how no one learns your secret recipe?

paulbryan3blackwhite chopping bbq

My grandfather, Paul Pinkney Bryan with brother Clyde Bryan

This was probably where granddaddy was while everyone else was posing for this photo…. doing nothing! Granddaddy was a worker bee and he was probably hungry… wanting to eat – not take pictures! He was more of a behind the scenes person!

This was my grandfather’s passion… he loved a good BBQ and was always involved in the chopping process; probably why he wasn’t in the top photograph. This photograph was sent to me by his brother Gordon Bryan… telling me that he sent it to me because he knew I would treasure it… and he was so right. I was ecstatic when I opened the envelope to find this photo because I had so wanted a photo of granddaddy doing what he loved best, and wearing his famous field hat! I so wish I had that hat! If you’re curious about granddaddy’s middle name of Pinkney… follow the link on his highlighted name in the beginning of the story.

So let me decipher who’s family is who for you… if you don’t know already! And even though this photo is marked 1962…. it might not have been developed until that date; just a possibility… but in comparing several of the ages of the children to the age marked on the photograph, I actually believe 1962 was the correct year of this photograph.

My grandfather Paul Bryan and grandmother Evelyn (Little) Bryan are not in this photo, but his brothers (all but one) and sister are… Leon, Charlie, Myrt (the only sister) Runt whose’s real name is Jewel, and Clyde. The other missing sibling, besides my grandfather Paul, was Gordon Bryan. Paul has two sons, Clayton and Floyd, but only one son, Clayton Bryan (my father) is positively identified in the photo unless Floyd is the tall man on the back, right side. Cousin, Charles Bryan, strongly feels that this tall man is my father’s older brother Floyd. If this man is Floyd Bryan, wife Vivian and children Paulette and Robert are not in this photo.

My father is wearing the bow tie in the back row…. really a bow tie at a family BBQ reunion… what was he thinking? If only I could ask him! Daddy must have somewhat liked “bow ties”… as I’ve found several pictures of him wearing them; actually, I have more pictures of him sporting a bow tie than a regular tie. Directly in front of my father is my mother Helen McKinley Bryan (sitting in a chair holding a young girl, but it’s not me). The young girl she’s holding is Kathy Yearwood, daughter of Helen Bryan Yearwood.

In thinking I might have taken the photo, I asked Mama if I had a camera. “You had no camera at that age and never asked for one that I can remember. If you had asked for one, I would have probably bought it as you seldom asked for anything. Maybe you took the photo with someone else’s camera?” I do remember taking many photos, but it was probably later on as I did have a Polaroid instant camera; many of those photos can be found in my scrapbooks and photo albums.

Brother Leon Bryan and wife, Louise (Mauldin) Bryan, are in the front row and have two children in the photo… back row is son Charles Bryan with wife Rosa Lee next to him. Directly kneeling in front of Rosa is Charles sister Helen (Yearwood) Bryan; her husband Bill seems to be missing… could he have taken the photo? Also missing is son Doug Bryan, but I believe he wasn’t living in Georgia at that time.

Brother Runt Bryan in the back row is wearing the plaid shirt… his real name is Jewell Hubert; I’ve always been puzzled as to why Jewell, but most called him Runt. From his daughter Cindy… “He was the last born and they all called him Runt, even his mother. Some called him JH, but it was mostly just “Runt.” But still, how did my great grandmother, Sara E. (Turner) Bryan, come by the name of Jewell; I haven’t found any other family members with that name… did she plan on having a girl and just liked the name? No one seems to know, and we’ll never know now! Runt’s wife, Sara Kate (Cheatham), is three people over in the back row. Runt and Sara Kate have three children and we feel confident that Cindy (Bryan) Moore, is the young blonde girl in the front row kneeling. Cindy’s sister Sandra Bryan (age 17) and Ron (age 20)  also seem to be missing from this family reunion; Cindy assumed due to their age that maybe they didn’t want to come.

Brother Charlie Bryan is in the front row with a blonde haired boy on his lap, who we have identified as son Skipper (Robert Bryan). Charlie’s wife Polly (Cardin) is in the back row; while always known by Polly, her real name was Mary. They have two children, Robert (Skipper) and David Bryan, who is identified as front far right.

Sister Myrt (Bryan) Poss is kneeling next to brother Charlie; her husband John Robert Poss is in top row peeking between two women. Myrt had one daughter, Elizabeth… could she be the young girl, touching her face, in the front row near Myrt?

Brother Clyde Bryan is in the back row (right) with wife Ever Lou (Ogletree) next to him. I need to get in touch with cousins from his side to correctly identify the group near him on end as even though I’ve somewhat identified most of them, a few are good guesses, with two still unidentified. Clyde’s two son’s I’ve identified from another family photographs below. I believe Clarence Bryan is between Ever Lou and Clyde Bryan, and the other man below Clyde, who favors Clyde, must be his other son Harold Lee Bryan. The young girl that Harold is holding, is possibly his daughter Debbie, age 4. The short dark haired woman between Polly and Ever Lou I believe to be Dorothy Mae “Dot” (DeLoach) Bryan, daughter of Clyde and Ever Lou Bryan. (The family of Clyde Bryan still needs more exact identification to finalize this photo.) The young girl touching her face in the front I also believe to be of Clyde Bryan’s family, but I have no name for her.

Brother Gordon Bryan is also missing from this Bryan reunion, most likely because he also lived in N.C. and too far to attend.

My “final thought… ” Who took this photograph?

Maybe I did as I definitely don’t seem to be in the photograph?


More Bryan photographs

This photograph helped me to identify a few in the above photo. While the names were written on here, they never came through perfect in saving the photograph.

Clyde Bryan and family (2)

L. to R: Polly Bryan, Charlie Bryan, William Clyde Bryan, John Robert Poss, Ever Lou Bryan, Harold Bryan, Dot Bryan DeLoach, Clarence Bryan. Boy in front is David Bryan (son of Polly & Charlie Bryan) and girl in front is Pat DeLoach, daughter of Dot (Dorothy Mae) Bryan DeLoach.

This photo was most likely taken at the home of Clyde Bryan in Waverly Hall, Georgia… and I’m assuming this because both his sons and daughter, along with granddaughter Pat are in the photo. Clyde’s sisters’ husband John Robert Poss is also in the photo, did that mean Myrt took the photo? I’m sure she must have been there. In studying Dorothy “Dot” Bryan DeLoach in this photo, is what makes me feel I’ve identified her correctly in the Bryan reunion photo.

After studying several times, I think I have this photo identified with the correct names. The only one I somewhat question myself on is the name, Harold. While there doesn’t seem to be enough letters in spelling his name, I think they are squished together and in looking at another photo of Harold, I believe this photo to be him.

(If I have someone misidentified, please let me know so I can make the correction)


clyde bryan bbq

One of Clyde Bryan’s many BBQ’s... Ray Grant (family friend?), Henry Walter “Mutt” DeLoach (husband of Clyde’s daughter Dot), Rusty Bowden (married to Clyde’s granddaughter Pat DeLoach), Harold Bryan (Clyde’s son) and Clyde Bryan in the chair.

Harold_Bryan_Cooking_Stew (2)

Harold Bryan cooking Brunswick Stew in the cast iron kettle!


Gordon, Charlie, Leon, Clyde, Paul Bryan

Bryan Siblings

L. to R. Back: Gordon, Charlie, Leon, Clyde and Paul

Front: Runt (Jewell) and Myrt.

I believe this photograph was also taken at Clyde’s home in Waverly Hall, Georgia; that is where they seemed to have most of these BBQ reunions.


Bryan siblings

50th Wedding Anniversary photo of Leon and Louise Bryan (1982)

All siblings gathered for another photo on their anniversary, except for brother Clyde Bryan who passed away in 1978. The party was held at The Union Point Community Center in Union Point, Georgia.

Louise and Leon Bryan – Front Sitting

L. to R: Charlie, Polly, (Charlie’s wife), Evelyn, (Paul’s wife), Paul, John Robert Poss (Myrt’s husband), Sara Kate (Runt’s wife), Myrt, Runt, Ever Lou, (Clyde’s wife), and Gordon Bryan.

These Bryan siblings all descend from…

William Clark Bryan & Sara Elizabeth Turner

WC Bryan Sara Jewell Bryan (2)FIX

William Clark Bryan – Jewell Bryan – Sara Turner Bryan

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4 Responses to Family Photos: 1962 – The Bryan Family Reunion and more

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    Well, never did see why your granddaddy’s middle name was Pinkney but did find a picture of you that you should compare to the little girl in the family picture. The picture of you and Helen sitting in the slingback chairs (week 36 of your ancestry stories). You have a head full of curls, just like the girl in the family picture.
    This is a wonderful collection of memories and I did enjoy re-reading the story of your granddaddy Paul Pinkney Bryan.
    You have put together a lot of fantastic stories to be passed down through the generations with pride.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Writing these stories is why nothing gets done around here lately. I get started writing and looking and easily get lost in The Twilight Zone! I do enjoy writing these memories and writing some of the funny things Mama tells me in the phone, especially that Skip and Go Naked drink tonight. That story will go in my conversations with Mama!


    • Did you see that his mother’s father had the middle name of Pinkney also. I didn’t find with his father or mother; had hoped to find it was a surname as it is a popular last name.


  2. I really enjoyed all your pictures and he stories that went with them.


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