2017: A to Z Reflection Post on Conversations with Mom – The Best Of

2017: A to Z Reflection Post:

Conversations with Mom: The Best Of

2017 survivor

I made it…. all the way to April 30th, Letter Z! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated this year. It is my second time participating in the A to Z challenge and I’ve enjoyed each time. Even though it’s sometimes, somewhat hectic…. I’ve enjoyed meeting new bloggers and learning from their blog posts. It’s brought new traffic and readers to my blog, and that’s always a good thing. And if you’re reading this and haven’t read my A to Z of Conversations with Mom, please do stop in!

This year, I kept a list of blogs I read, as last year I regretted not doing so and I lost touch with many that I enjoyed reading. You learn from your mistakes!

A few of my favorite A to Z Blogs from the 2017 challenge:

Check back for more of my favorites, as I’m still discovering and adding!


Now that the A to Z challenge is completed, and I survived… I’ll have more time to re-visit blog posts I missed! I also will be checking back through the A to Z posts to discover other blogs I missed. It was fun… now to take a little breather before writing new posts, but I’m already feeling lost in not having a post to edit daily.

As I only experienced the “Linky Link” last year, I can’t say whether I missed it or not. I checked the  “letter” post daily for new blogs, so it worked OK for me. My only problem was how Facebook sometimes only posted the URL link with nothing else so I would have to write the name of my A to Z theme for interest…. as to just having a plain “URL” show, isn’t always eye-catching

One of my suggestions to future A to Z bloggers is… to post a link at the bottom of each post directed back to your first post; I sometimes had a hard time finding the other posts.

2017 stat views

My views on the A to Z Blog Challenge

2017 best view B post

My top post was Letter B… for stories relating to Mama’s brother and Boo, her cat!

My mother grew up on a small farm in Georgia and has more memories of her childhood than I can only dream to remember. If you’d like to follow along from day 1, click on 2017: A to Z… Conversations with Mama – The Best of!

© 2017, copyright Jeanne Bryan Insalaco; all rights reserved

About Jeanne Bryan Insalaco

My blog is at: https://everyonehasafamilystorytotell.wordpress.com/
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8 Responses to 2017: A to Z Reflection Post on Conversations with Mom – The Best Of

  1. Thank you for your sweet comments! Blessings, my friend! Jenn

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  2. Megan Morgan says:

    Thanks for the favorite! Glad you enjoyed my challenge!

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  3. I enjoyed your blog posts. They made me realize how lucky I am to still have my mother around.

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  4. i so appreciate you listing me with the other blogs you discovered on A-to-Z challenge. THank you for reading. I am going back to read the ones of yours i missed. Good writing!

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  5. Great meeting you during A to Z and such a pleasure reading your posts about your mom. It was my second year, too — and another new learning experience! Thanks for listing me in your reflections post and for your thoughtful comments on my blog — hope we can keep this up during the year.

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