Blog Book: Preview – 2016

Blog Book Preview – 2016

Ground Hog day was good to me this year…. I received a 30 percent coupon for Blog 2 Print, so guess what I did…. and it was just like Gilligan’s Island three hour tour; actually between the two days, I think I took two tours!

After spending a couple of hours last night editing and starting over and over because I was receiving errors in making the book, I finally closed out and emailed the company. I hated to miss out on the coupon offer, but their site just wasn’t working!

I was surprised to hear back so quickly from them this morning and they extended their coupon offer to me… they were having some hiccups last night – probably overload from all us ground hogs who procrastinated at the last minute. Yes I am a “procrastinator!”

A few things I need to pay attention to next year is the total of pages you can have for a hardcover book…. seems my first try at the hardcover was too large, so I had to, once again, start over and make 2 books to cover all of 2016. This year, I think I will just immediately make two books, beginning on July 1st and not wait till years end; you live and learn. I am disappointed in using WordPress, that you still can’t add comments to your posts. I will have to remember that as some of them I would have included… guess I’ll have to edit them in for the future posts, or maybe they will make that fix!

If you haven’t used this site to slurp your blog into a book, go check it out and play around with it… Oh, and don’t procrastinate like me!

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3 Responses to Blog Book: Preview – 2016

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    Nicely done. Bet you can’t wait until they’re in printed form.

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  2. I’m going to check that out. Blurb (print-on-demand site) has a blog slurper function that works with WordPress. They have many layouts and format choices too. I slurped my sister’s nature blog and surprised her with a hardback copy of her blog.

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    • Yes I heard they did. I tried Blurb years ago for other things and was frustrated but I think I’ll give it a try next time. Blog2print usually runs good sales I take advantage of on my large books. Thanks for reminding me and for stopping by. I’ll be over to check out your new post today!


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