DNA: and Now There Are 30 DNA Circles

DNA: and Now There Are 30 DNA Circles



A new “Potential” ancestor has surfaced… Meet Archibald McDaniel Sanders! Nice to meet you Archibald, now how do you figure in?




William Meadows has merged into my DNA Circles…. this is exciting!


Marriage license of my “two” ned DNA Circle additions – William Meadows to Serena Kittrell: My 3rd Great Grandparents


Serena Kittrell, wife of William Meadows


In as much as I have many DNA Circles showing on my McKinley side, I am not showing my grandparents, Edgar & Ola (Askew) McKinley, or any of my Askew ancestry. Are grandparents too early to show? And where is my Turner lines… I so wish some of my Turner’s would show. William Pinkney Turner, where are you… help me prove your parents of John and Hannah Turner from Union Co., S.C.

I’m hoping my mother’s DNA will prove some of the Askew, Hilsman and Sharp lines. Mama is hoping for her Native American lines to show… she still insists, how it was told that her mother had Indian blood lines. It didn’t show in mine, so she is hoping hers will show.

Do you share any of my DNA lines… Contact me, I’m waiting…

Want to read more, click…. DNA: My Results are in

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  1. Jeanne, for there to be a circle there is a minimum number of matches (maybe 5) who need to have the ancestor in their family tree and match on DNA. To get a circle for your McKinley grandparents you would need your cousins to test or if they have tested to share their tree publicly so Ancestry can make the connection. Also, everyone who descends from an ancestor has to have the name and information nearly the same for the circle.

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