Day 8: Vacation / Genealogy Trip October 21, 2016

Vacation / Genealogy Trip

Day 8 – October 21, 2016


Day 8:

While in Siloam yesterday, I learned of a new antique store in Thomson called Aunt Tique & Uncle Junk’s – what a funky name! As we had no plans today and wanting to see something different, we dragged mama, 0nce again in the backseat for some more swishing and a swaying as we headed toward I-20 – hoping she forgot about the last trip on here! There was some chatter in the backseat about it taking forever to get there, but I took her mind off that by continuously asking her questions. After all, she always said I should have been a lawyer – so I ask a lot of questions!

We finally arrived in Thomson, and if I had only known about this place on the day we were in Sparta…. it was actually only a hop, skip and a jump down the road. But “Ca Sa Ra La Ra“…we had nothing better to do today than ride and enjoy the scenery along the way. Anytime you ride on Georgia’s back roads, you’ll find something interesting.


I found the “Cadillac Ranch” – Not sure what is was, but it caught my eye!


As we entered Thomson, I quickly assumed that music must be quite popular here as everywhere I looked… there was a guitar! If the sun hadn’t been so much in my eyes, I could have taken more photos, but it wasn’t cooperating.

Guitars were everywhere!

Even though Aunt Tique & Uncle Junk’s didn’t quite live up to its expectations in the antique field for us, we enjoyed our walk-through. We were quite intrigued with the art object out front and I took more than a few photos of it – even found a couple cast iron pans attached! There were so many objects attached, and I wanted to see them all – quite interesting! I should have asked the owners how it came to be; maybe they keep attaching odd items that they don’t know what else to do with – it certainly had my attention!

If you’re missing something – It’s Here!

I believe there was one of everything and anything attached to this art structure! I spent quite awhile looking it over and then hubby walked over and asked, “did you see this?” Of course I hadn’t!

I did find two cast iron pans attached  ….Yes I tried, but I couldn’t get them off!

Mama was more interested with the glass colored stones that was sprinkled among the gravel stones out front. She had a handful by the time I noticed what she was up to… and I even added a few more to her collection. We laughed, saying how this would be a good place to bring the kids…dress them with clothes that have pockets and they could entertain themselves by collecting stones; and they surely would.


Mama (in the background) spotted the glass stones mixed with the gravel and was “helping herself”… she hadn’t discovered all the gadgets on here yet. Everything but the kitchen sink!!!

Before leaving I googled more local antique stores, but no finds today! Whether we buy anything or not, we enjoy looking; one store had a huge glass enclosure filled with yellow chickadee’s.



I found a train!

We didn’t take I-20 home – guess who was happy! As we headed back toward Sparta, I decided to try and find the road where I’d spotted a train car the other day… but didn’t get a photo. After driving for awhile, we gave up… when all of a sudden – there it was. Hubby stopped for me to get photos, but I couldn’t get close enough and I knew I wasn’t, couldn’t climb over that fence either. Even if could, I didn’t want to trample through the tall grass, risking a run-in with Mr. Snake… an even scarier thought! Of course mama was yelling from the car, “I could climb over that fence!” I am still curious as to how and why this train car was sitting out in the field though – maybe someone actually lived in it?

As we continued on, not really knowing where we are headed at this point, Mama suddenly says, “I know where we are.” We were almost back in White Plains, a small rural community where my great grandfather, Edgar Lawson McKinley, lived after moving from Siloam.

We stopped for gas in White Plains, and I stepped out of the car for a photograph of the Plains Logging Company building I spotted… mama said, “That’s the company I sold the farm and land to.” I guess it was destiny for me to be in the area, as I had never exactly known who she sold the land to. They bought it primarily for the timber, and after cutting and hauling the timber, they divided it into lots.

Further down, we passed a house that had burned and mama said, “that’s the old Lewis home, the oak table and chairs that you have, came from there. Actually they were sitting out in the front yard when I saw them… the table was painted several colors. Daddy stopped and bought them for $10.00, and stripped them back to their original oak finish. It’s the very same table that you have and use today.”

We missed lunch while on the back roads, and shame on me for forgetting… again… to stop at Heavy’s BBQ while near Sparta. It seems that whenever we drive by, it’s closed. BBQ places in Georgia are usually only open on Fridays and Saturday…. and today I missed my chance again! I really need better notes to remind me of these things, but this ensures me of a return trip. I took photos when we drove by on Tuesday, but then forgot about it actually being open today. I’m just not in sync with how certain food places operate down South, especially when it’s “weekend only.”

Heavy’s BBQ in Crawfordville, GA is quite a colorful place, much to be entertained with and many photo ops outside and inside. It was used in two films, Sweet Home Alabama and Coward of the County; the inside walls are covered with movie star photos of who have eaten there.

By the time we arrived in Greensboro, it was too late for lunch, so we opted for another ice cream at the “Ripe Thing Market“. My favorite is Butter Pecan, and it always tastes the best in Georgia; they make their own ice cream, and anything made with Georgia pecans is most definitely the best! Mama never changes her flavor either – it’s always chocolate!


Morgan County courthouse in Madison, Georgia


Dough Boy Memorial for “The Boys From Morgan County”

Our last stop before heading home was in Madison where I took a few photographs of the war monuments in front of the courthouse – which in itself is very impressive. While waiting to cross, I noticed a marker and walked back to read and photograph… The marker was for comedian “Oliver Norvell Hardy” of the famous comedy team – Laurel and Hardy. Oliver, who had lived in the Turnell-Butler hotel with his mother – which once stood on the very corner of where I now stood – who knew?


Oliver Hardy, Genius of Comedy

Oliver Hardy was born in Harlem, Georgia on January 18, 1892, but by February the family was living in Madison; within a year, his father died and Mrs. Hardy opened a hotel in Madison known as The Hardy House. Oliver Hardy died in 1957 and is buried in California where the plaque reads “His Talent Brought Joy and Laughter To All the World.” There is a Laurel and Hardy museum in his birth home of Harlem, Georgia and they celebrate with a festival every October. (I’d never have learned this if I wasn’t out on the street taking a photograph) Reading markers has become my new favorite thing to do and I’m constantly yelling for hubby to “stop.” (I think  a trip might be in my future to Harlem)


If only I had a quarter!


What a picture perfect “Welcome Center” in Madison!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my day!

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2 Responses to Day 8: Vacation / Genealogy Trip October 21, 2016

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    Quite an adventurous day you had here. I can’t believe they call that stuff art. My goodness.
    I wasn’t aware that Oliver Hardy was from Georgia, either. Interesting. But then, I’ve heard there are many actors and singers from Georgia.
    I need to check with my sister but I believe there is an antique place in Forsyth, not far from her.
    Yes, too bad you didn’t have a quarter. Make sure you have a handful when you bring your granddaughters to visit.
    Yes, another great story full of interesting facts. I did enjoy your day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sometimes I amaze myself in all we cram in, in one day. Probably would have spent more time walking around, buy I had that “swishing and a swaying” lady in our backseat. And when I don’t hurry back to the car, she’s liable to roll the window down and yell at me to hurry up. LOL


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