Day 4: Vacation / Genealogy Trip October 17, 2016

Vacation / Genealogy Trip

Day 4 – October 17, 2016


Day 4

Today turned out to be a very lazy Monday, giving mama a chance to rest before a whirlwind of a week with us. Sometimes we forget, along with her, that she’s 86… following behind us and a “swishing and a swaying” in the back seat…. as she tells us… from the back seat! Mama settled back in bed with coffee and her favorite show, The Texas Ranger; Boo was happy also, curling up beside her…  we upset his lifestyle when there.The Texas Ranger star is her favorite and she makes me laugh when she says he’s the only man she would ever let put his boots under her bed!

Hubby and I soon were bored and headed out to walk through the other large cotton antique mill in town.  It didn’t take him long before finding a cast iron pan he liked, but the price tag quickly changed the “want” thought – was way over-priced! The two cotton mill antique malls in town boom on the weekends… drawing large crowds – weekdays are much quieter.



Returning after lunch, I settled down with my laptop while hubby found things to do… he always find things outside to take care of while here. He’s such a good son-in-law, and she tells him often that she loves him like the son she never had!

Why I thought of this I don’t know, but I decided to google “important people buried in Monroe, Georgia” and guess what I discovered…. the “Poppy Lady” is buried right here – who knew – although I had never heard of her before! I was off and running now in discovery of more information; a future post is planned, but I’m saving it for the appropriate time. (It will post on Memorial Day 2017)

I talked to a “newly” met cousin tonight in Sparta (Hancock County), who also happens to be the editor of the local newspaper there… I’m excited that we have planned to meet on Tuesday while I’m there taking photographs of the Hancock County War Memorials. I contribute regularly to the Honor Roll Project on my Georgia War Memorials page, and this will be my post for Veteran’s Day.

I met my new cousin through the Hancock County Facebook page after posting a query on a photo taken in 1900 of Civil War Veterans gathered at the courthouse. My great-great grandfather, Joseph Thomas Sharp, lived in Hancock County and I was hoping to find someone who might have names to match these faces; I have had no luck as of yet in identifying any of the men.


1900 Civil War Veterans – Hancock County, Georgia

I soon decided it was time to stretch my legs and put my laptop down for awhile… it’s always fun to walk outside and enjoy mama’s flowers, although in October we have missed most of them except for the Angel Trumpets. I need to come in the spring when her hydrangeas bloom as they are awesome in her yard. I still remember being there in June one year and seeing how they just covered the side of the house. My daughter has taken several home that mama rooted and they seem to love Connecticut; they bring a little of mama here.

A few of mama’s Hydrangea’s and my favorite.. her milk and wine lily which I call Ola’s Lily after my grandmother. I made mama the Angel Butterfly Sign. (she’s called Angel)

Today is  Day 17 of my 31 Days to Better Genealogy and “Interview Yourself” is the topic for the day. It was mentioned that as much as we write about others, we need to focus and write on ourselves. What will my descendants think of my writing, my life and my blog…. I guess I can only hope for the best, and hope that at least one of my five granddaughters will write and follow my love of family history – now who will it be?

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2 Responses to Day 4: Vacation / Genealogy Trip October 17, 2016

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    Wonderfully done, as usual.
    You got me with The Texas Rangers show. Are you referring to Walker, Texas Ranger or is there another one?
    I was also unaware that the Poppy Lady was from Monroe, Georgia. I guess my research into The Poppy Field, either didn’t cover that or I plain didn’t pay attention to her name or where she was from. My guess is I just flat forgot.
    Helen’s yard looks a bit like Papa’s always did. He loved flowers and had them all over the place. I remember many times he’d give me one or two to take home. I especially loved his Hydrangea’s. They were so blue and pretty. He also had a plant called Firecrackers. I should probably put some in my yard. They are easy to care for, as I remember, and will grow most anywhere. Mother took some and planted outside her kitchen window.
    Maybe McKinley will carry on your love of family history. Afterall, she does carry the family name. Work with her, I’ll bet you can get yourself a partner.


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