Georgia War Memorials: Hancock County

I yearly contribute to the Honor Roll Project of  Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Honor Roll page can be found at Honor Roll Project. If you would like to contribute, information can be found there as to “how” to send your photos and transcriptions in.

On a recent vacation trip to Georgia, I made a specific stop in Sparta, Hancock Co. to photograph War Memorial Square in Sparta. It was also a trip to see the recent rebuilding of their historic 1881 courthouse that burned in 2014.

Hancock County was created as Georgia’s 15th County In 1793; the City of Sparta was chartered in 1805. It originally was part of Greene and Washington Counties, and so named for John Hancock, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence. The cornerstone was laid on Feb. 22, 1882 on the 150th birthday of George Washington.

Many of my McKinley, Meadows, Sharp, Mapp, Hilsman, Harvey and Lancaster ancestors lived and are buried in Hancock County and surrounding counties of Taliaferro and Greene. Photographing these memorials were very special to me and I feel honored in adding them to my Georgia War Memorials and having them listed on the Honor Roll Project.

The “burned” Hancock County Courthouse of 1881


Hancock County courthouse burned on August 11, 2014 and sits directly across from           War Memorial Square (Photo of Pauline Myers – Rootsweb Hancock Co. GA.)


The new Hancock County courthouse – rebuilt and opened on August 11, 2016 at a cost of     $7 million dollars.

Standing proudly across from the courthouse is…





War MEMORIAL SQUARE – Dedicated to all the men and women of Hancock County who served their country with respect and honor. And those named here who sacrificed their all!


World War One Memorial


Baugh, John G. – Army
Boyer, Timmons – Army
Darden, Clifford T. – Army
Horton, Tommie – Army
Johnson, John H. – Army
Lawson, Frank N. – Army
Logue, Jessie W. – Army
McGee, Julius S., Jr. – Army
Sharp, Lincoln – Army
Shivers, William H. – Navy
Simmons, William E. – Army


World War Two Memorial


Berry, Wilfred M. – AAF
Conner, Thomas B. – AAF
Daniel, Lee A. – Army
Dunn, Steve – Army
Elder, John L. – Army
Grimsley, Cecil E. – Navy
Harris, William H. – Navy
Jackson, Kent W. – Army
Johnson, Eugene, Army
Lanier, Charles S. – Army
LoveJoy, Dawsie B. Jr. – Army
LoveJoy, Rene C. – Army
Manning, Wilburn A. Jr. – Navy
Meeks, Thurman – Army
Mitchel, James W. – Army
Moore, Richard T. – Army
Morris, Louie F. – Army
Pearson, Davis F. – Army
Poole, Frank B. – Army
Ray, James Andrew – USMC
Reese, James C. – Navy
Reynolds, Jimmy R. – Navy
Simpson, John G. – Army
Smith, Willie W. Sr. – Navy
Tilley, Felton – Army
Tucker, Sutton, E. – Army
Turner, Dennis T. Jr. – Army
Turner, William L. – Army
Whaley, Richard W. – Navy
Williams, Wilbur M. – Army
Worsham, William N. Jr. – Army


Korea & Vietnam Memorial


Jones, Samuel W. – Army
Poole, Benjamin – Army
Turner, Berry W. – Army


Skrine, Willie B. Jr. – USMC

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  1. Lyn Smith says:

    Great story and tribute to Hancock County.

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  2. Janice Brown says:

    Thank you for honoring the Hancock County heroes!

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  3. Jimmy Kennedy says:

    A wonderful story and tribute to our Historic county.

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