Week 14 – 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: Siloam Hauntings on the McKinley farm

Happy Halloween all….

52 Week Ancestor Challenge

Week 14: April 5, 2014

Siloam Hauntings on the McKinley farm


I’ve always been fascinated by ghost stories as a young girl, so when I learned of these ghostly happenings in my family I reached out to discover even more.

The house that my  mom spoke quite frequently of as haunted, belonged to my great grandparent’s, Lawson and Minnie McKinley; everyone called her Miss Bay but no one remembers why. They lived just outside of Siloam, Ga. on a red dirt-clay road that led toward Slip Rock – the local swimming hole.

As a young girl, living down the road from her grandparents, my mom often walked on that red-dirt dusty road to her grandparents house. The old two-story country farmhouse sat alone in the bend of the road. They never used the second floor, they told the kids a booger lived upstairs to keep them out, but it didn’t…

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