31 Days to Better Genealogy – Day 31

31 Days to Better Genealogy – Day 31

I’m taking Amy Crow’s challenge for 31 Days to Better Genealogy and blog Amy’s questions, with my answers; I plan to make one blog post, adding daily. Hopefully by the end of the 31 days, I will learn how to better solve some of my genealogy questions. If you haven’t signed up yet, just click on the link below… never too late to catch up!

31 Days to Better Genealogy by Amy Johnson Crow gives you practical steps to make your research more productive. Whether you are just beginning to climb your family tree or have been doing this for years, you can adapt the tips and methods in 31 Days to Better Genealogy to suit your needs.


Day 31 – Share What You Know

Yes Amy, with your help, I have learned about more resources and “How To’s” that will help me make new discoveries in my family history. At times, keeping up with the daily schedule was hectic – but I truly enjoyed the ride. I even went on vacation for two weeks and managed to keep up daily…. often writing my post in the car and researching and writing in the hotel at night. Now what will I do… well as Christmas is coming, I better pull out my knitting needles as those mermaid doll cozies aren’t going to knit themselves! Oh, where did my knitting fairy disappear to… sure could use her now.

In order to preserve our work that we have put all this time into… Amy has made a few suggestions on sharing.

Amy’s Sharing Suggestions:

 Write an article for the genealogy society where your ancestors were from: I have never done this before, but it is definitely something I will look into.

Start a blog: I started my blog in 2014 when I first joined Amy’s 52 Ancestor Weekly Stories and I haven’t stopped writing.

Post on Facebook: I post most all my blog stories on Facebook and I wish I could see who shakes their head at my obsession, but that’s OK – I enjoy writing.

Have a Pinterest board dedicated to your family history: I previously started a Pinterest Board, but haven’t posted to it lately, so I’ll that to my “to do” list.

 Compile what you’ve learned about the family and donate it to a library. (Not just the area where your ancestors are from, but also the major genealogy libraries like the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library or the Clayton Library Center in Houston.): I compiled a notebook on my Bryan’s several years ago and donated it to the Lumpkin County, Georgia genealogy room. I need to add more to that folder; I plan to print out many of my stories that pertain to Lumpkin Co., and donate there on my next trip to Georgia… and also I’ll be looking into the other two major genealogy libraries that Amy mentioned, as I didn’t know of them.

I did receive a couple of contacts from the Bryan family history I left at the Lumpkin County library; maybe the new material I leave will be even more “cousin bait.” Thanks for the reminder Amy!

My To-Do:
Amy says… “Choose one of your ancestors and write something about him or her. It could be a short biography or something describing how you came to the conclusions that you have. Even writing three or four paragraphs is great! Then take the next step and see where you can share what you’ve just written.”

I can foresee the Lumpkin County library being overwhelmed with stories on my next trip to Georgia. In as I have never donated anything to the Hancock County library, I’ll be searching the library’s page as to what they have for genealogy and where to share material; this should keep me busy for awhile.


Now I need to come up with a plan on how to remember all these “To Do’s“…maybe a chalkboard or a bulletin board where I could post all my ideas! Any suggestions on that Amy?

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