DNA: 20 DNA Circles

DNA: 20 DNA Circles

In my last post DNA: 18 DNA Circles, I had 18 DNA circles. I first started off with 12, then 16, then 18, then 19 and now I’m at the count of 20. I have lost one along the way; still not sure why I lost my James Gooch.


I’m still puzzled as to why I lost James Gooch in my DNA circles. I have strong lines to him, and his son Tillman Gooch is still in the circles! My first thought was, are they dropping the 5th generations, but I still have some 5th generation grandparents in these circles? So Why???

I’m  told the circles come and go, depending on new DNA testing, or changes you make in your tree, but if you showed the connection before… seems like they would only add not subtract – unless you delete them off your tree. This DNA search is a learning process – a search we are all delving into – blindly. It helps to have more cousins in on the process and testing, so if you are reading this – I hope it encourages you to take the DNA test and share your results. We will all learn together!

20 DNA Circles – The circles are climbing



Finally Berrian Clark Bryan appeared as No. 19 in my DNA circles, but I’m still toe tapping while waiting for his wife Berrilla Free to appear! Her mother Sally Free is in my circles. Robert C. Wilson is also a new DNA circle along with wife Jemimah Hines (below)


Jemimah Hines, a new DNA circle with husband – Robert C. Wilson




Sally Troutman and husband William R. “Billy” Justice are new DNA circles.


My DNA matches have risen to 714. More matches to check!


If you have questions I haven’t posed here – please leave a comment or suggestion on my post. It will take an army of cousins to solve this! Let me hear your thoughts!

For more, click .DNA: My Results are in

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