DNA: Results are in – May 14, 2016

DNA: My Results are in – May 14, 2016


Finally, after waiting weeks and weeks, my results have finally arrived, and hopefully will  prove more beneficial than the first test I took with a Groupon Coupon; it gave me, at least I thought, a strange percentage of ethnicity. This DNA test was done by giving a 1/2 teaspoon of saliva vs a swab of my inner cheeks on the first one.

DNA percentage

My Ethnicity percentages…

I was a little puzzled with Europe West – exactly what does this cover. This had me searching to understand, but I keep thinking where is my Scottish lines or is this DNA more geared toward my paternal lines? I haven’t thought I identified with the groups below but it looks like I have some surprises in store to discover- I need to put my “thinking cap” on!

map of 5th unit

Ancestry says Western Europe is of this mix!

DNA is our living history – and shares back hundreds of years to trace our ancestors who walked this earth before us. Hopefully my choice to share my DNA will lead me to break through several brickwalls. My no. 1 brickwall is of the parentage of my John Bryan married to Nancy (unk) – and No it’s not Nancy Mayes. So many researchers link her to John Bryan, father of James Bryan, born 1791. If they seriously look at her birth date of 1787, there is no way she could be the mother of my James Bryan (1791-1885), but people keep tying her to John Bryan Sr. In actuality, Nancy Mayes is married to John Bryan Jr., son of John and Nancy (unk) Bryan.


My first click on Ancestry to check out my DNA results told me they haven’t found a new ancestor for me yet. I didn’t really expect to sign on and immediately find new ancestors, but I’m sure somewhere in the back of my mind – I was! I think this will be a continual work in progress and I plan on sharing my finds and discoveries here.

dna lives

I was excited to discover that I initially had 335 DNA matches to wade through of possible new cousins, but many are only as good as the information shared on family trees and DNA matches; some matches have no tree, and some only have private trees. It seems that the matches can change daily as more DNA results are uploaded as just before I published this post, my  DNA matches changed to 674.

I was more excited with my ethnicity results on this DNA test as it showed no Asian like the first test of 13 percent – which totally confused me. Not to say, that I couldn’t have Asian in my lines, but in my twenty-plus years of searching – I have not discovered any.



In July (2016) my cousin Charles Bryan’s DNA results came back and it showed me as his first match – well I knew that! But even with him testing as a direct male Bryan, he wasn’t showing our Bryan line back any further than his grandfather, William Clark Bryan – my great grandfather. No DNA circles have shown up for him yet, but the Sara Elizabeth Turner we share is from who my DNA circles of Gooch and Grizzle come through. I’m sure they will show on his also, but I’m still puzzled by no further connections on our Bryan line. At present I have him connected to my Bryan gedcom tree, but I may have to make him a seperate tree to see if it turns up any Bryan circles and takes our Bryan line back further.


DNA circles

I am really puzzled with my DNA circles – first all – there’s only two! As I didn’t have a full complete tree on Ancestry, I uploaded my gedcom hoping to have more DNA circles – preferably Bryan DNA matches. I even called Ancestry to inquire, and they told me it could take several weeks for the matches to appear – not sure if I believe that, but I really don’t have a choice; Every time you link a new tree, it takes time for it to be analyzed for matches.



These three matches really puzzle me as I don’t have them in my gedcom and only recognize the name “Cavender” as being in Lumpkin County. I looked around at some of the leaf hints, but haven’t discovered a match.

If I could only see Bryan matches – I think it would motivate me more!

My mission, if I so choose to accept it, is to discover my DNA matches within these circles. As always, should I not research, I will not break down any new brick-walls or meet new cousins.

This post will self-destruct in five seconds.

Exit now!

For more, click DNA: My Results are in

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