DNA: Finally More DNA Circles – Before & Now

DNA: Finally More DNA Circles

Before and Now

YooHoo, after only one week of uploading my Gedcom to Ancestry, I went from 3 potential new ancestors or relatives who are not in my family tree at present to 4. 2 DNA circles to 16. My cousin, Charles Bryan went to 12 – sharing all those same 12 with me.





matches 4.jpg

A wife of Clemeth Cavender was added – but Who is Clemeth Cavender. I need to begin seriously research this couple as they intrigue me at the moment. In looking at Clemeth Cavender’s date of birth of 1774, who is he connected to – Bryan? Cain? Free?



I went from 2 DNA circles to 16 after uploading my gedcom. My cousin, Charles Bryan went to 12 – sharing all those same 12 with me.

DNA circles

Using linking my Ancestry tree online, I only had two DNA circles!


16 dna

16 dna 2

16 dna 3

16 dna 4

YOO HOO – Finally after uploading my gedcom, I now have 16 DNA circles!!!

I’m happy to now see  James Bryan (4th great grandfather) in my DNA circles. I had begun to question my own Bryan paternity when he wasn’t showing up!

The DNA process is rolling along – stay tuned for more matches – maybe I’ll be able to break down my Bryan wall – eventually!

But I do have so many questions, and the more I look at those circles, the more questions pop in my head –  so I’ll list them here – just in case someone can help or offer a suggestion!

  • Why does my Berrian Clark Bryan not show up in a DNA circle? Is there something I have listed wrong, or written incorrectly that is stopping a match?
  • Berrilla Free, wife of Berrian C. Bryan does not show up either, but the funny thing is – her mother Sally Free shows – now isn’t that odd? I saw her place of death was listed as Hall Co. in some profiles of her. While I believe that Lumpkin Co. is correct, I changed my tree to Hall Co.  If that makes a difference, then she should show up in about a week or disappear – LOL.
  • There seems to be a gap between my William Clark Bryan to James Bryan – and that is where my William Madison Bryan and Berrian Clark Bryan fit. There should not be a gap – so what piece of information is stopping that? I did take the “t” off of William Madison Bryan – as he went by “Bryant” in later years and it is on his gravestone, but I removed it to see if that makes any difference.
  • As I have some 5th generations showing in DNA Circles – I know it goes back that far. So, why isn’t my John Bryan showing, father of James Bryan? What information is stopping that link? I have an abt. birth date of 1760, while others have 1761 or 1765 – could that be stopping it? But isn’t Ancestry analyzing the complete picture of my tree – and he is there. (I changed his birth to 1765 Rowan Co., N.C. to match others and gave a death date of Oct. 20, 1825 Franklin Co., to better match with what others have – time will tell.)
  • And those possible DNA matches, that are not in my tree at present are really driving me crazy – just so you know Ancestry! Did you throw those in to tease me?
  • Maybe I need to have my mother’s DNA tested so I can possibly have more maternal matches. At present, I do have some McKinley and Beatty, from a few generations back, but no Sharp, Hillsman, Askew, Meadows or Lancaster. I will definitely have mama do a DNA test in October on my Georgia visit; I can only imagine her remarks on this!


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For more, click .DNA: My Results are in

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2 Responses to DNA: Finally More DNA Circles – Before & Now

  1. Lyn Smith says:

    Well, it seems to be opening up for your Bryan side anyway. I really don’t understand this DNA with genealogy. It seems to be showing what you already have but adding more questions.
    Yes, we’ll see what shows up when you test Helen. I guess Helen would be the main McKinley, Askew, Hilsman, Meadows, Sharp line but shouldn’t it show up in you?
    Crazy to me. Good luck and let me know what happens with Helen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes after I took it all in I wondered why no Askew, Hillsman, Sharp, or Meadows….but if those lines haven’t been heavily tested then there won’t be matches. McKinley and Beatty are heavily tested I assume as they showed up. I’ll have to check my dates and name spellings also because that could be a stopping point! I made some changes on a couple things last night as a test because I seem to have a break in my Bryan line!


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