Weekend Weathervanes: Beach Theme

Weekend Weathervanes: Beach Theme

While antiquing today, couldn’t help but spot these beach-theme weather vanes! I’m looking up so much lately that I spot more, but trip over steps…. If I could only look down as well as up – at the same time!

telescope weathervaneClinton Firehouse copy
I Spy… high above the firehouse in Clinton, CT.
pirate ship weathervane Clinton church
Ahoy Matey….. this ship sits across from the Clinton firehouse on top of a church, that I forgot to note the name of.
whale weathervane Milford
Thar She Blows…. Headed out to Milford Audubon and found Moby Dick!
Stork weathervane Milford
Stork Delivery landing in Milford, CT.
dolphin weathervane Milford
Flipper tied my beach  theme together!
over Stonebridge

Swordfish atop Stonebridge Restaurant.

In as many times as I have passed by Stonebridge, it took hubby to point it out to me!

across from coast guard auxiliary

And yet another Swordfish – almost directly across from each other – as the crow flies. This sits across from the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla on Helwig St., in Milford, CT.

stork in milford

I haven’t determined if this weather vane is a Crane or Stork in flight, but it looked awesome high above. The bird was shot as I stood at the Milford yacht area walkway – also still at the Coast Guard Auxiliary; it is located just across the waterway.

I found a few more unique weather vanes today on our ride on Route 1 along the coast, but I’ll save them for another theme! More beach theme weather vanes will be added here as they are found – so do check back in.

Remember, there are interesting things  “UP” – so look up once in awhile – just don’t trip!

Want more – click…. Weekend Weathervanes:

© 2016 Jeanne Bryan Insalaco

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2 Responses to Weekend Weathervanes: Beach Theme

  1. heatherrojo says:

    Jeanne, I love these weathervanes! Very unique! I’ll have to cruise the Connecticut coast sometime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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