Connecticut War Memorials: Riverfront Memorial – Shelton, CT.

I yearly contribute to the Honor Roll Project of  Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Blog can be found at

Connecticut War Memorials

Shelton Riverfront War Memorial: Shelton, CT.

DSC_0725 (1024x680)

Four granite slabs sit along the river walkway commemorating World War I, World War II, Korea and the Vietnam War. Each slab is dedicated to the war with a historic image on the front facing west and the names of those killed in the conflict engraved on the rear east side.

DSC_0704 (674x1024)

The War To End All Wars – World War I: 1917 – 1918

DSC_0709 (683x1024)

Charles W. Sutter     USA

Thomas Arena       USA

Joseph Bernabeo    USA

Chester A. Burke   USMC

John Dudginsky    USA

Edward Gardner    USA

William R. Dunn    USA

John McKay    USA

William H. Vonwerder    USA

Andrew Konyez    USA

Peter Gibbons    USA

Frank Lowensky    USA

William Stilman     USN

Chester A. Gade    USMC

Theodore F. Haussler     USA

Raymond Scranton          USA

John N. Wadsworth        USA

DSC_0705 (680x1024)
DSC_0711 (652x1024)

Names on back of World War II monument

Angelo Terlizzi      USN

George Amaral      USA

Louis J. Beatrice     USA

Anthony Bilotto      USA

Dante A. Buccelly       USA AF

John J. Donovan Jr.    USA

Francis D. Frazer       USA

Thomas Geoghan     USA

George H. Keller      USA

Michael  J. Judej      USA

Rudolph F. Lesko      USA

Harold J. Lynch    USA AF

Alphonse A. Maziuk    USN

James F. McCloskey, Jr. USN

James J. McElroy Jr.   USA

Joseph Kondash     USA

Louis A. Reznick     USN

Bernard W. McGoldrick USA

Carmen L. Minolaio    USA

Vincent Nadal     USA

John S. Nedavaska    USA

George H. Ogden     USA

Joseph Sleshinski     USA

William A. Smarth    USA

Henry A. Smith    USA

Murray L. Steinman    USA

Paul M. Thompson     USA

Patrick J. Tisi     USA

John E. Whitham    USA

Leopold J. Pero    USA

Paul Marino   USA

DSC_0706 (682x1024)


DSC_0713 (655x1024)

Names on back of Korean War monument

Alphonso D’Onofrio     USA

William E. Hames          USA

Ernest W. Ledger, Jr.     USA

DSC_0708 (641x1024)


DSC_0715 (669x1024)

Names on back of Vietnam War monument

John L. Schmecker    USA

Gerald H. Forgue      USA

David Sheehy      USA

James G. Smith       USMC

Robert A. Elia         USA

Francis J. Lilley        USA

James D. Chambers    USA

Carl E. Packard     USMC


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9 Responses to Connecticut War Memorials: Riverfront Memorial – Shelton, CT.

  1. Lyn Smith says:

    Thanks for the salute to those lost in our freedoms.

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  2. These are gorgeous monuments! Thanks for transcribing them

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Frederick L. Marino Jr. says:

    The photos of the backs of the WWI and WWII Monuments are labeled incorrectly (Swapped). My uncle, Paul Marino died in WWII not in WWI.

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