West Haven, CT: 1935 High School Yearbook

This 1935 West Haven, Connecticut High School Year Book belongs to Paul Hilcoff; he recently bought it off a paid site as it was the year his father, Milton Hilcoff, graduated from West Haven High. How awesome to find your father’s yearbook! I asked Paul if I could share all the names on my blog – and he graciously allowed me to do so. As requests are made for pictures, I will post below the names.


West Haven High School  circa 1927 -1962. My husband’s aunt was the last class in 1962 to graduate there. It reopened in 1963 as the Dr. Carl C. Gianotti Jr High.

Construction started on November 11, 1925 and it opened in 1927 with 596 students enrolled. The largest graduating class on record was the class of 1934, numbering 327! 


Union High School – As I stood on the corner taking this picture, a man stopped to comment and ask me if I knew that this was the first high school in West Haven and that Seth Haley was the first principal.


Seth G. Haley – Port Commander – translates to Superintendent of Schools (Photo listed in the 1935 Yearbook)

The first high school in West Haven was Union School, which progressed from a two room wooden building with a belfry in 1860 to four classrooms and eventually – with the addition of 12 rooms and a tower – to a two year high school. Students were responsible for their own textbooks, slates and materials; it was in session year-round for many years after it’s opening.


West Haven High School Class of 1931 (Photo courtesy of Valerie Forte)

log book WHHS 1935.jpg

1935 West Haven High School Year Book

Here is the list of seniors pictured in the 1935 WHHS yearbook. Asterisked names (*) indicate that the person has signed his/her photo. Frances Leland was the yearbook’s original owner. I’ll be happy to scan images of any of the people listed. As requests are made for photos I will post them following the names.

Mary Augustine Abbadessa
Felix Aleksa*
William Joseph Allen
Eleanor May Alling
Byron Ellis Allyn
George William Amero
Robert Charles Anderson
Sanford Leete Anderson
Elsie L. Anquillare
Doris Caroline Arnold
Lulu Asard
Rose Elizabeth Ashner
Frank Walter Bacon
Joseph Arthur Balmer
Catherine Barmonde
Charles Harry Barrett*
Sylvia Baser
Edward Phillip Basquill, Jr.
Dorothy Evelyn Becker
Edward Lincoln Bernstein
Sheldon Floyd Blake*
Doris Eleanor Blakeslee*
Edna Mae Blakeslee*
Helen Elizabeth Blomberg
Evo Bonci
Paul Joseph Boucher
Jack Leroy Bovee
Paul Joseph Bradley*
Esperance Elizabeth Braun
Catherine Suzanne Brennan
George Joseph Brennan
Gesto C. Broccoli
Eleanor May Brown
Arthur Girard Bruneau*
Charles Bruning
Ruth Esther Bullis*
Elliot Francis Burns
Janice Evelyn Burrows*
Frances Mary Caggiano
Marjorie Laurel Callahan*
Lawrence Joseph Campane
Pauline Norma Caplan*
Robert Frederick Carlson
Clifford Wilson Casner
Marie Mary Castellano*
Philip Leroy Chamberlin
Helen Virginia Chapman*
David Jamieson Chase*
Betsey Chatfield
John Paul Chernovetz
Michael Elihu Chernovetz
Ruth Shepard Childs
Edmund Victor Chilvin
Marjorie Elizabeth Churchill
Mary Frances Clancy*
Eleanor Louise Clark
Mae Helena Clark
Margaret Marie Clark*
Elinor Mae Cleary*
Molly Jacqueline Cocco
Lillian Ruth Coe*
Thomas Edward Collins*
Eugene Gardner Condon
Alfred Arthur Conklin
Lillian Dorothy Contois
Mary Adelaide Cox*
John Edward Craigie
Ellena Pearson Crane
Paul Herbert Crosby*
George Henry Crosson
William Richard Currier
Anthony D’Ambruoso*
Thomas Maclean Davenport
Harriet Mae Davies
Irving Earl Davis
Vincent DePalma*
John Thomas Dessureau*
Arthur Harry Dillon*
Anna Dora Dodd
William Paul Donegan
Raymond James Donnelly
Anita Sylvia Dorman
Lorraine Marie Ducharme
Bernard Francis DuPaul
DeForest Cornelius Dupee
Margaret Mary Englert*
Katherine Sarah Ewart
Paul Fappiano
Eleanor Farino
Ruth Gertrude Ferry*
Rosalind Frances Field
Charlotte Louise Finer
Roy Philip Flavin*
Gertrude A. Flynn
Lawrence Francis Flynn*
Lawrence Joseph Foley
Edith Elizabeth Forbes*
Edna Mae Fowler*
William Thomas Fox
Bruno Frederick Franchini
Signe Linnea Frantz*
Alice May Fraser
Walter George French
Salvatore Gallicchio
Marjorie June Gammon
Ethel Ruth Geer
Mildred Irene George
Louis John Gherlone*
Joseph Charles Gieger
Sophie Ginsberg*
Anthony Walter Giordano
Clare Marie Glennon
Edwin Robert Golden
Robert Wallace Gorton
Elizabeth Rose Grabnickas
Robert Creswell Grace
Rose Grannick
Marjorie Lillian Grant*
Richard Greenleaf
Nina Margaret Grimmelman
Lois Adele Grodske
Alice Anita Guarniere
Ethel Malvina Gundy
Carl Haase
Henry Waldron Hall
Shirley Edith Hanson
Thomas F. Harkin*
Robert William Harrison
Paul Leland Hartle
Bernice Marjorie Hartley
Raymond Henry Hayes
Miriam Gertrude Hayner
Paul Caldwell Higgins
Milton Hilcoff
William S. Hildebrand
Lawrence Frank Hoffman
Lillian Elizabeth Holdsworth
Howard James Holmes
Florence Marie Hopkins
Raymond John Houley
Lorraine Ruth Howard
Frederick Charles Hugendubel
Waldemar Albert Hugli
Gardner Beers Husted
Bernice Illions
Josephine Elena Ingenito
Rose Jakubson
Eleanor Ida Marie Jensen*
Barbara Elinor Johnson
Herbert William Johnson*
Vivien Elizabeth Johnson
Barbara Mae Joyce
Edna Anna Kaercher*
William Kaplan
Francis Hugh Keefe
Julia Rita Keefe
James Phillips Kellogg
Regina Margaret Kelly*
Anacleta Kennedy
Harry Maxson Kenyon
Alfred Keplinger
Virginia Jane King
Edward T. Kirby
Harriet Lucille Kirck*
Miriam Knouse
Adele Kohn
Walter Joseph Koladza
Ellen Eugenia Kossbiel*
Walter B. Kraskowski
Marjorie Martha Kreher
Vera Esther Kuchko
Dorothy Gertrude Kuchka*
Ernest Walter Lamie
Russell Wolfe Lammer
Frances Marie Lanouette
Esther Christine Larash*
Margaret Helen Larke
Frederick Daniel Lawler
Mary Alice Lawry
Alma Bodell Lawson
Arthur Russell Leach
Virginia Rae Leake*
Edward Warren Lego
Frances Evelyn Leland
George Emil Lenz
Alba Marie Lepore*
Thelma Bertha Lepper
Morris Levine*
Charles Wilson Lewis
Edward James Liebler*
Shirley Katherine Lohse*
Gaetano Lombardini
H. Raymond Losnes
Torrey John Lunde
Porter D. Lyke
Helen Mae McAlinden
Lester Louis McCarthy
Bernice Marion McClusky
Lawrence H. McHugh*
Joseph Francis Maiorano
Mary Madlyn Malinconico*
John Constant Manulik*
Richard Henry Marquardt
Adolf Joseph Maruschak
Michael Mastriane
Edna Shirley Maynard*
Mary Elizabeth Meaney
George Albert Mento
Joseph Lawrence Mento
Alda Maria Merle*
Gazella Rose Metrick
Fred William Miller*
Joseph Edmund Miller
Charles Henry Misbach
Gordon A. Moore
Helen Frances Moran
Rita Dorothea Morris*
Thomas Francis Morrissey
Charlotte Veronica Murphy
Muriel Elizabeth Murray
John N. Norback
Timothy Francis O’Connell
Francis William O’Donnell*
Nancy Anne O’Keefe*
Rita Margaret O’Neil
Humbert Mathew Orio
Ruth Mary Parmelee
Howard W. Patchen
Muriel Ann Perry*
Christine Marie Petrillo*
Adolph John Pickall
Joseph Pep Ponzio
Homer Wilbur Porter
William Charles Potts
Marguerite Mary Prendergast*
George Mason Prentice
Robert Voss Prentice
Martin Psymenny*
Theresa Rapuano
William Frederick Reiners
Helen Muriel Reinwald*
William Charles Reinwald*
Donald Henry Robinson
Walter William Rocklen
Russell Edwin Rose
Lillian Lydia Rosenthal
Mabel Dolores Rossini*
Josephine Mary Rothfuss
Rose Viola Rourke
Ethel Fay Rubin*
Florence Shirley Ryan
Margaret Rita Ryan
Fred Sakovich*
Edna May Salzman
William LeRoy Sandford*
Eleanor Ruth Saunders*
Joyce Elinor Savage
Katherine E. Schifferdecker
Mary Valentine Schmitt*
Cornelia Maie Schneller
Charles Frederick Scholhamer*
Evelyn Loretta Scholhamer
Sophie Mary Schwartz
George Henry Scott, Jr.
Arnold Serow
Loreta Christine Serviss*
Joseph Sgueglia
Julius Shanbrom
Sylvia Harriet Shapiro*
Alice Marie Shearn*
Vincent John Sheehan
James Henry Shine
Charles Joseph Sholunas, Jr.
Gorton William Shove
Doris Muriel Sibley*
Grace Siebold
Robert Siebold
Philip George Simeone
Frances Lindell Smith
Jennie Agnes Smith*
Richard Smith
Robert Wesley Smith
Rose Smith
Edward Thomas Smullen
Willard Downs Snow*
Francis William Snyder
Anna Florence Soderman*
Eileen Mary Spottswood
Robert Francis Spottswood
Henrietta Pearl Start*
Dorothy Loretta Steele*
Frederick Edward Stevenson
Robert Henry Stevenson
Virginia Mary Stevenson
Kenneth L. Stigberg
John Sidney Stockonis
Alice Mary Sullivan
Russell Theodore Tellier
Sydney J. Thomas
Elsie Christine Thorpe*
Mary Katherine Timmons*
Marie Elizabeth Tolles
Mary Frances Tomaso
Robert Joseph Tracy
Joan Mary Trambarulo
Gus Charles Triffon
Martin Trotsky
Salvatore Anthony Trotta
Ruth Marie Ulrich*
Charles Vacca
Marie Emelia Vaccaro*
Marie Jean Vece
Vera Verdyck
Eleanor Vitelli*
Edward Lawrence Walker*
Elizabeth V. Walker
Gertrude Alice Ward
Anne Elizabeth Wardell*
Eleanor Helen Waytysh
Blanche Elizabeth Wells
Helen Edith Wern
Alice Elizabeth Whitehead
Dorothy Madelyn Wilmott
Helen Marie Wilson
Louise Winterhalder*
Leroy Arthur Woodin
Enid Lorraine Wrozina
Demetrie Yasuk
Janet Alice Yeomans
Dorothy V. Yolen
Frances Mary Young
Genevieve Katherine Zatulskis

Pictures will be posted as they are requested:



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