2015: Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Christmas Eve ~ 24

Advent Calendar: December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

From now until Christmas Eve, I will be participating in the 2015 Edition of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories by Thomas MacEntee and the Geneabloggers. If you would like to know more or even join in, please see This Link. I’d like to personally thank Dawn Williams-Kogutkiewicz of Dawning Genealogy for sharing this idea on Genealogy Bloggers.


Christmas Eve

How did you and your family spend Christmas Eve? Did you attend church services, perhaps a children’s service with a pageant? What about food – was there a special meal or did your family hold an open house so friends and family could stop by?

Our Christmas Eve:  Early Christmas Eve morning began with us finishing up the food for tonight’s meal. The seafood sauce was made yesterday to not rush so this morning; my husband makes the seafood sauce now and he makes it the best – even though it’s my recipe. He’s a more detailed cook than I am – he actually removes the crabs and picks all the meat out to add to the sauce; it adds much flavor. I still make my stuffed shrimp as my contribution – I haven’t given that recipe to him yet.

Preparing for Christmas Eve was quite exhausting in shopping for five granddaughters – and now to delve in those shopping bags and organize all bought into five gift bags and fill five stockings.

We loaded the car, or I should say hubby loaded the car; in case you didn’t know, my right foot has been in a boot for almost five weeks now – I fractured my foot while on vacation in Georgia. This boot is beginning to really wear on me as everything takes so much longer – patience is not a virtue of mine.

Finally we’re on the road…. Christmas in Connecticut is very warm this year – no snow and no cold weather – it’s 65 degrees today! I can’t remember when we have ever had such a warm Christmas Eve – no coat was needed and we even had the screen door open at my son’s house later or we would have roasted in the house. A little light snow would have made it seem more like Christmas Eve – but that just wasn’t going to happen at 65 degrees!

We began Christmas Eve this year by attending church at Our Lady of Victory  with my son and his family for a children’s mass – granddaughter Ella was in the children’s choir for the first time – she’s five, and the youngest in the choir. I’m not sure how much she was really singing, but she seemed to enjoy being there with the other children. Every time she caught me looking at her, I’d get a wave and smile. The older girls seem to have taken her under their wing as I noticed them making sure she stood near them. When Father Joe asked for all the children to come sit at the alter, Ella was chosen to carry the baby Jesus to be placed on the alter. She had the biggest smile on her face as she carried the baby and didn’t seem to be afraid of being in front of so many people she didn’t know. We were very proud of her.


Ella in the childrens choir

After church we headed over to my son’s house where we prepared our Christmas Eve meal of seafood to celebrate the seven fishes traditional dinner. By the time my daughter and son-in-law arrived the house was alive with children running and now two more were added to the noise level. All the cousins were excited to be together and we managed to keep them quiet for a bit with the new Minion movie – but that didn’t last long.

The best part of the evening was watching the girls open their gifts – although at some point, we never even knew which gift belonged to who. Next came with the girls changing into their Christmas pj’s – because you know that the “sandman” will arrive before they get home; that car ride was probably the quietest moment of the evening.

Finally everyone is all snuggled in bed and waiting for Santa to arrive….


Santa  has arrived – My what a big boot!



Gina keeping watching over what Santa left….

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1 Response to 2015: Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Christmas Eve ~ 24

  1. Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

    Christmas Eve in Ohio was unseasonably warm as well, temperatures in the 60’s. I understand that Christmas here at home was rainy, very rainy.
    One memorable Christmas Eve was 1974, which was spent in Ohio as well. My grandmother McKinley sent me to be with my sister, as she was expecting her third child. I arrived just before Thanksgiving amid flurries of snow and freezing cold. Colder than any Christmas season I remember ever having. I remember my sister and her husband went out for a time that evening.
    I was reading when I heard this soft voice asking ‘Has Santa come yet?’. My sister lived in a two story house and about midway of the staircase was an opening with spindles. Robert, her middle son, had crept down and was peering through and asking me had Santa arrived. I went to put him back to bed, telling him no, that it would be a while yet and he needed to be asleep. This happened a couple of more times before he finally made it to sleep for the night.
    This story is one of my happiest memories of Christmas Eve’s. I guess because it is the joy and innocence of childhood. Come to think of it, I haven’t reminded Robert of this in many years.

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