2015: Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: The Meaning of Christmas ~ 23

Advent Calendar: December 23, 2015

The Meaning of Christmas

From now until Christmas Eve, I will be participating in the 2015 Edition of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories by Thomas MacEntee and the Geneabloggers. If you would like to know more or even join in, please see This Link. I’d like to personally thank Dawn Williams-Kogutkiewicz of Dawning Genealogy for sharing this idea on Genealogy Bloggers.


The Meaning of Christmas

If someone dropped out of the sky and was unfamiliar with the concept of Christmas, how would you explain it to them? Can you put the meaning of Christmas into words? What does Christmas represent to you and is it different than when you grew up or from the meaning it had for your ancestors?

My Thoughts: Christmas has become so commercialized between the TV Ads and the Christmas trees set up in the stores even before Halloween. What is Christmas – well when your working full-time, its often a holiday that you just want to get through before your stress level reaches its limit.

But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Is it the presents wrapped under the tree, the cards you’ve rushed to address and get in the mail, shopping for the dinner meal, wishing for snow on Christmas Eve, stockings hanging – waiting to be filled, or the wishes  of “Merry Christmas” to friends and strangers as you shop. Is this really what  Christmas  is?


I have noticed more “Merry Christmas” being said this year rather than just “Happy Holiday’s – and that’s a good thing.

For many of us, myself included at times, Christmas is sometimes a time of depression. We remember loved ones we’ve lost, and thinking of the ones who we won’t be able to see because they live so far away; it saddens me that my mother, 900 miles away, has no one to spend Christmas with. I hope my package arrives on Christmas Eve with her cinnamon bread and cookies; I’m at fault every year in getting it in the mail earlier than what I do.

I asked my 3 1/2 year old today, “did you tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas,” and she replied, “no.” Then I asked, “well what do you want for Christmas,” and she answered, “Santa brings presents.” I guess she hasn’t quite reached the stage of being overwhelmed with the new toys advertised on TV, and wanting this, that, and everything. Is that a good thing, well yes; at least she’s still believing that Santa brings presents. She knew that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that Christmas would be the very next day. It won’t be long before she starts questioning, like my 5 1/2 year old granddaughter who just began kindergarten. She has already come home from school questioning that is there really is a Santa Claus. Once they begin school, they’re bubble is busted quickly – is that good or bad?

Being a child is the best part of your life and you’re too young to even understand that you really should be enjoying every minute of it, before…

Christmas is a Christian holiday on December 25th that commemorates the birth of Jesus and really means the Mass (the celebration) of Christ. I look forward to Christmas Eve Mass this year as my granddaughter will be singing in the children’s choir. Sometimes it’s just hard to get into the spirit, until you finally come together with family and friends – everything is done and you’re finally able to think about what Christmas really means.

I’d like to take the time to wish all my family and friends who have taken the time to read my daily posting, a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.



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3 Responses to 2015: Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: The Meaning of Christmas ~ 23

  1. Merry Christmas Jeanne. Wishing you and yours all the best.


  2. Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

    Yes, the real meaning of Christmas. How many of us still celebrate the real meaning of the season?
    When I first married, I had everyone gather around the tree and the story of Jesus birth was read before any gifts were open. I wanted my step-children to understand that Christmas was about more than the gifts under the tree. I still feel this way.
    Oh if we could enjoy the real meaning of the season everyday of the season, everyday of the year.
    I pray for the love of Christ to abound in the lives of my family and friends during the season and continue throughout the New Year.


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