2015:Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Christmas Tree Decorations ~ # 15

Advent Calendar: December 15, 2015

Christmas Tree Decorations and more…

From now until Christmas Eve, I will be participating in the 2015 Edition of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories by Thomas MacEntee and the Geneabloggers. If you would like to know more or even join in, please see This Link. I’d like to personally thank Dawn Williams-Kogutkiewicz of Dawning Genealogy for sharing this idea on Genealogy Bloggers.

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Christmas Tree Decorations and more…

Do you have unique decorations that you use each Christmas? How did you get them or were they passed down to you from family members? Describe your favorite decorations! As I seemed to have written about ornaments in a previous post, I included more on decorations here.

I have concentrated this week on going through all our Christmas decorations saved over forty three years of marriage. As I sat there looking through box after box, I thought, “what was I thinking?” Hubby was happy to have a few less storage tubs – it’s hard to part with things, but at some point, you need to let go of decorations that are no longer used.

In years past I was obsessed with collecting Hallmark ornaments; many of the ones you buy every year to continue a set, like trains, houses and son and daughter specific ornaments. And if you think your children will want all the ones you bought for them through the years – well think again. Wonder what Hallmark stock is worth,  that’s what I should have bought instead of ornaments!

DSC_0170 (640x281)

Hallmark Houses

In years past, I loved displaying all my “Littles” every year. Yes, they were mostly Hallmark too, but little.  My daughter asked for them last year and I’m happy to see her display and begin a tradition for her children every Christmas.

DSC_0164 (640x208)

“The Littles”

One year I bought a set of Christmas dinnerware – little did I think about storing them all year – to only use one time of the year! Every December I dusted them off to use Christmas, but now I have passed that tradition to Melissa; she uses them the entire month of  December.

xmas dinnerware

The Christmas Dinnerware !

Steve and I enjoyed looking for new Christmas decorations every year. We often went to Chancey Brothers to look for something new. That’s how I ended up with so many totes of Christmas decorations; I did manage to downsize somewhat this year with them. In years past I gave most of the outside plastic decorations to my son – now it’s his job to store them!

One of my treasured pieces I have had since the early 70’s is this ceramic tree my father gave me. I must have mentioned, at some point, I wanted a ceramic Christmas tree and it just appeared in the mail one day. I was so touched at his thoughtfulness! It means the world to me – and I’m not parting with it yet.

heirlooms_0002 (800x546)

Whenever I put this tree up at Christmas, I feel Daddy is with me in spirit!

Steve’s Memories:  The one decoration that I haven’t parted with yet is the vintage snowman we had at my house when I grew up. I took it from my mom’s house a long time ago. She bought it at Barker’s Dept. Store in Orange – it’s always been my favorite Christmas decoration.”


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1 Response to 2015:Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Christmas Tree Decorations ~ # 15

  1. Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

    I have tubs of decorations. My husband would rather I not have so many, too. I bought some of the collectible decorations as well and still have some of them. One ornament I still have from more than 30 years is an egg shaped blue, with an opening to show a tiny Nativity. I usually put it at the bottom of the tree, so the children could see it better.
    When my step-children were little, I began buying a train for the tree. It took about three before I finally found one that wouldn’t fall apart. The children loved watching it go around the tree. It became one of the best traditions for them. That and the musical lights I’d put around the tips of the branches, because they blinked with every note.
    My thing with the lights was I’d start from the inside of the tree and work my way out. I can’t even remember how many strings it took to light my trees. It was something I loved doing but it was hectic, also. I was so glad when I figured it was easier to string each section of the artificial tree, then string my musical lights once the tree was set. To me that gives off a more brilliant sparkle. Yes, I still love to light my trees that way.
    I remember wondering why the Christmas villages everyone seemed to have a hankering for, then one year I figured it out and became an addict myself. That was about twenty years ago and I’ve added something to it every year. I haven’t had it up in a few years because we don’t have the room in our current house but I still add to it in hopes of finding that illusive space one of these years. I love laying out the snow over a green, then setting out my buildings. A few years ago, I began poking lights through the snow for a ‘grounded’ sparkle. I’ve laid my villages out in many different ways over the years and yet to come across a favorite design. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.
    I use to buy the Christmas cups by Solo but they don’t make those with Merry Christmas printed on them anymore. I’d buy the plates and napkins, too, then Long John Silvers put out a set some years ago. Took me a couple of years but I finally got a set. Yes, I pull them out every year, most every year. From large plates to coffee cups, glassware and dessert cups.
    One thing I have done for many years is put out particular books and such. Some have been added over the years, such as one by the Robertson Family, you know the Duck Dynasty family. I have my 1981 copy of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ I bought when my grandson was a toddler. Then there is my 1977 Christmas Carol book, with 45LP. Also, a few pamphlets from various Women’s magazines of Carols and traditions. Just many reminders of Christmas pasts that bring back the joys.
    Sometimes I wonder why we go to such lengths at this time of the year but we do. We all have our traditions, ornaments, decorations and peculiarities but there they are and we do enjoy them. Some we continue as we age, some we pass down for another to enjoy, while we cut back on what we do to celebrate. There are still the little things feel will be passed when we go, because we just can’t seem to turn them loose just yet.

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