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Well, it’s Thanksgiving and I’ve almost worn the boot a full week. Tomorrow makes 1 week – and we’ve survived.

Everything just takes longer – longer to get down the stairs, walk, shower, getting dressed – it’s all a different process. Going up and down the stairs – well I usually have to stop and think which foot do I use first. The Dr. said, I should go down on the bad and up on the good. She said, remember, “hell is bad, and heaven is good.” I still have to think before making that first step.

As I haven’t been working, I had more time to prepare Thanksgiving for hubby and I – we decided to stay home as I wasn’t sure how I would be feeling. And we both were looking forward to our own remembered foods of Thanksgiving. Last year we ate here along with his mother, but my mother-in-law passed away Nov. 2nd of this year.

Food was so good, if I say so myself; now we both need naps.

While I cooked the past couple of days, it was hubby who followed behind me and cleaned. I tend to make more of a mess than he does – and I constantly was told that.

I do find that my foot gets tired when walking around too much, so I am concerned with going back to work in another week, but I guess I will just have to see when it comes. Although, I have to say, I am enjoying some time home. “Me Time” when you work is not always there.

Dinner is over, now to enjoy desserts later of Sweet Potato and Pecan Pie!

Thank You hubby for cleaning up and doing the dishes:)

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1 Response to The Boot: Somewhat daily posts

  1. Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

    Sounds like a quiet day, which is the kind I enjoy the most.
    I so understand the tiredness that comes from the effort of walking with a bad foot and standing with same. You can’t put weight on the bad foot and that tends to strain your back. I have this habit of shaking my foot, somehow I think that will make the pain go away.
    But I think it is the effort of walking that causes the tiredness we wouldn’t ordinarily feel.
    I hope your foot is much better as are you and your holidays went smoothly. According to your blog, there were no real glitches.


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