The Boot:Somewhat daily posts

Day 2:

Well I survived my first night of sleeping with it. I thought I would have to sleep on my back, but I slept ok on my side with it.

What frustrates me is taking it off and putting it back on. It never seems to back right – or its me. Then I’m frustrated to the point of throwing it out the window.

Hubby has helped to put it back on, but if I say it doesn’t feel right or it’s not on right, then I lose my patience.

And this is only day 2!

showering wasn’t bad as the plastic cover for my foot and leg worked well, just a pain in another step to do.

i don’t know how I’m going to manage work and the stairs all day. I’m not going to be able to carry anything up or down the stairs. And I’m wondering how tiring it’s going to be on my foot all day.

Im feeling frustrated and aggravated tonight though! Too much going on in our life now for me to be out of commission.

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