The Boot: Will I survive it?

bootI’ve never broken anything in my life, but today my right foot was put in a boot! It looks like I should be locking it on a pair of ski’s – sure go skiing now and break my leg. LOL

It all started on the way home on vacation. We had been in Georgia visiting my mom and….How did this happen? Well, the only thing I can almost pinpoint is walking across the fields in Watkinsville at a holiday pumpkin event. I vaguely remember twisting my ankle or stumbling at some point, but not giving it another thought… until I got out of bed one morning on the way home and the side of my foot hurt when I walked.

I managed to continue walking, not giving into the pain and it wasn’t always hurting. I returned to work, of course that was probably my downfall as walking on concrete floors for years hasn’t been good to my feet. By days end, on some days, I could hardly walk.

After a few weeks, I gave in and went to a foot doctor. The xrays showed no breaks and good circulation, his conclusion was an inflamed tendon. I was put on prednisone for 10 days with a thumbs up that he felt I’d be all better. If not better in 2 weeks – to return. Of course, after two weeks, I was no better – but I did not want to return as he had mentioned a boot.

The more I thought about this foot doctor, I wondered…. was this the same Dr. another friend went to and was misdiagnosed? After finding out that yes he was that same Dr. and my friend told me quickly – Do Not Go Back to Him; he runs his practice on his good lucks and fancy expensive xray machine. Well, he was nice to look at, and his hands definitely felt good on my feet – LOL – but that wasn’t going to fix my foot.

I quickly called my friend’s Dr. – they were all booked up for the next two weeks but she offered to see me during her lunch  hour! Wow! Now that’s dedication to patients – how could I turn that down?

After X-rays, she concluded that she really feels there is a slight clean break that has started healing already by forming calcium deposits. She said the first X-rays might not have showed the break; sometimes it takes a little longer to see. (I will get a copy of the first ones taken a few weeks ago for her to compare)

In order for the break to heal, I need to stop walking on my foot and it needs to be immobilized in a Boot! A little scary…..

She wrapped my foot for extra support for the next two weeks – am I going to have a smelly foot in two weeks???

I didn’t mind her putting the boot on – but I was taken back when she said, “you have to wear this all the time.”  My next question was, “what about at bedtime, do  I take it off?” “No, you must wear it in bed.” My heart sank – how will this work – sleeping on my back all night? This is going to be a real challenge in learning how to do this and I can feel the frustration building.

Of course, I do want my foot to heal on its own – absolutely no surgery I want, so I will give this a try. But I know the frustration will overwhelm me at times. I think I’ve already become the Biotch tonight as hubby is trying to deal with all this and me.

And this is just Day one…..


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