Family Stories: Veterans Day – November 11, 2015


Veterans Day is a day we salute our Veterans and offer a “Thank You” for your service, but in all honesty – that should be Every Day!

It is now a public holiday dedicated to honoring anyone who served in the U. S. military, but it first began as a day of remembrance by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919, at the end of World War I. It was originally known as Armistice Day, but in 1954 it was changed to be known as Veterans Day.

Veterans Day always falls on the chosen day of November 11th in reference to when Germany signed an armistice with the Allies that signaled the end of the wars on 11 a.m., on 11, November 1918.

Many observe the day by attending local ceremonies dedicated to honoring Veterans for their service.

Veterans in my family


Steve Insalaco (USAF) My Husband

Steve in uniform

Stefano Insalaco  (Army-Air Corp)  My Father-in-Law

Freddie in Navy Uniform

Fred Cambino (USN) My husband’s uncle


Mike DeTulio (U. S. Army) My husband’s uncle

Frankie colorized

Frank Cambino (U. S. Army) My husband’s uncle


Johnny Cambino (US Army) My husband’s uncle

andrew detulio

Andrew DeTulio (USN) My husband’s uncle


Gene Cavallaro (my husbands uncle)

(US Army 102nd Infantry

Clayton Bryan USN

Clayton Bryan (USN) My Father – I just love this picture of him – so young and handsome!


Floyd Bryan (USN) My Uncle with my father – his brother

Edgar Leroy McKinley

LeRoy McKinley (U.S. Army) My Uncle


Regina Bryan (USN) my cousin – granddaughter of Floyd Bryan, my uncle.

img_5749Chloe Bryan (great-granddaughter of Floyd Bryan) – my 3rd cousin. Chloe serves in the US Navy and stationed at Pensacola Naval Air Station and currently in flight school.

Bryan Jewell

Jewell H. Bryan (US Army) My great uncle and father of Cindy (Bryan) Moore – my cousin

Charlie Polly Bryan

Charlie Wilbur Bryan (USN) and wife Polly – Parents of Skipper (Robert) Bryan –    My Great Uncle

Doug Bryan Son of Leon Bryan

Douglas “Doug” Bryan (my 2nd cousin) Army – Father of April Bryan

Edgar T

Edgar T. McKinley (WWI Army) My Grandfather – I feel so fortunate to have such an early WWI photo of him.

Richard McKinley Jr.

Richard E. McKinley, Jr. (USAF) My great uncle and father of Cynthia (McKinley) Thrower,  Beverly (McKinley) Smoak & Billy McKinley – my cousins


Giuseppe Cambino (US Army WWI) My husband’s Grandfather


Awarded To Giuseppe Cambino for Wounded in Action in WWI

So. Pacific

James (Jimmy) Donahue – (US Army) Jimmy is my husband’s uncle and father to cousin Diane Donahue Taylor. This photo was taken abt. 1944/45, – he is holding a Japanese Sword. Uncle Jimmy helped to build the Burma Road.

Johnny Carbone

Johnny Carbone (US Army) My husband’s cousin. Father of Lizzie Carbone Genovese

Eveyln Smallwood father

Javan Smallwood Jr. (USN) – Father of my cousin Evelyn Smallwood Smith.

Eveylns Brother McKinley

Raymond Gene McKinley (USN) My cousin and uncle to Evelyn Smallwood Smith.

Eveylns brother 2 McKinley

Stephen McKinley (USN) My cousin and brother to Evelyn Smallwood Smith

Mckinley Father of Cynthia McKinley Thrower

Richard E. McKinley, Jr. (USAF) My great uncle and father of Cynthia (McKinley) Thrower,  Beverly (McKinley) Smoak & Billy McKinley – my cousins



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3 Responses to Family Stories: Veterans Day – November 11, 2015

  1. Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

    Very well done, Jeanne. One exception, Raymond Gene McKinley was my uncle, brother to my mother, cousin to your mother, nephew to your grandfather. I believe that would make him your uncle. Mother was your aunt?


    • Evelyn Smallwood Smith says:

      I stand corrected: Edgar Thomas and Charlie Erle were brothers, therefore Helen (your mother) and Raymond Gene (my Mother’s brother, my uncle) were cousins, making you and I cousins. Mother was your mothers cousin, so Raymond Gene is your cousin. Sorry for the confusion. I knew I was wrong the minute I read my post.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful post. Your family answered the call to serve and protect our country. Thank you to all of them and their families for their service.

    Liked by 1 person

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