2015 – Genealogy New Years Resolutions

2015 – Genealogy New Years Resolutions

image1: to better organize all my loose papers

2: find a new genealogy software program and add all new info in.

3: Continue to blog family stories – at my leisure; hopefully one a month.

4: take a look back at Behind the Wall. Work it into better order as a novel.

5: continue keeping papers filed on a daily basis.

With all that said, I began today cleaning off that pile high of papers on my computer desk. Writing 52 Weeks of 52 Ancestor stories last year was great fun, but working full time and keeping up with it weekly definitely took its toll on everything else. I do enjoyed it, but I need to take a step back for awhile.

I had stepped away from writing and genealogy for awhile, and when I saw that challenge from Amy Johnson Crow – it pulled me back in – and for the entire year of 2014. For the past year, I packed away my knitting and crafts and concentrated every week on a new ancestor story. I have no regrets as I have written keepsakes of stories for my family. Now I need to go back through them, see if anything can be added and compile them for printing. Many bloggers have talked about how they  “slurp”  their blogs into a printing service and have a book printed of stories, photos and comments. This will betmy next venture to complete the 52 week 52 Ancestor challenge.

I’ll be looking forward to reading all the new blogger stories in the 2015 challenge and I promise to try and add a monthly family story this year to stay in touch with my writings. But what I really need to do is find my ” knitting needle bag” that holds all my favorite needles and gadgets. For the life of me , it’s been lost in my house the past year after I made my last newborn cupcáke hat for Grace, my fifth granddaughter born on May 25th. I’m thinking my needles are a little miffed at me and have found a hiding place to teach me a lesson! But please come back to me…. I promise to spend time with you again and not abandon you anymore.

Love to hear what your genealogy resolutions are this year and I’m sure I could add more but why overwhelm myself! Oh, if you have any ideas where my knitting bag has whisked itself off to, please let me know. I’ve even said a few prayers to St. Anthony to please help me find what is lost, but I’m still waiting.

Enjoy the New Year in whatever you do and remember – Everyone has a Story!

Thanks for readings,


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1 Response to 2015 – Genealogy New Years Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your resolutions. Look forward to reading when you have time to write. Did you check the bottom drawer of your desk at work?? 😉


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