West Haven, Ct. Armistice War Monument WWI

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Oct. 19, 2014:

West Haven Green – Armistice WWI Memorial



West Haven, Ct. Armistice War Monument WWI

The armistice monument memorial on West Haven’s green was dedicated in 1928. It stands with names inscribed to honor local residents who gave their life in World War I – for our freedom.

This 11-foot bronze statue of a dough-boy soldier faces Main Street (north) and stands high on a granite base; the statue holds a rifle in one hand and a helmet on the other arm. (The origin of the name “dough-boy” varies, but it seems to refer mostly to the infantry troops of the Civil War. The U.S. troops took a liking to it, and  soon adopted it as their nickname.)


Anton Schaff is the sculptor of the West Haven dough-boy monument; he is also known for creating several war memorials in New York and New Jersey, and several Confederate bust statues at Vicksburg National Military Park.

The front plaque on the North side features four military figures, that represents soldiers, an airman, and a sailor opposite four civilians laborers. The dedication reads “To the memory of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1917-1918.”

Beneath the dedication is the American’s Creed.

DSC_0721 (2)

Irving E. Lines
Private CO. D., 102 Inf.

Wallace B. Lum
Private CO. I., 308 Inf.

Robert E. Mitchell
Private CO. D., 23 Inf.

Terrance J. Mullen
Private ORD. Salvage DET., A.P.O. 782

Alexis P. Nason
Lieut. 5th R. Highlanders

Frederick E. Palmer
Bugler, CO. D., 101, M.G.BN.

Homer A. Porter
Corporal CO. D., 102 Inf.

Martin V. Tower
Private S.A.T.C.

Dwight H. Wickwire
Corporal CO. D., 102 M. G. BN.

Edward C. Wolfe
Ordinary Seaman, U.S. Navy
James J. Burns
Private CO. D., 305 F.A.

Alfred G. Bohndorf
Seaman 2nd Class, U.S. Navy

Vernon G. Cameron
Private CO. A., 11, M.G. BN.

Peter Carlo
Private CO. L., 102 Inf.

John Civitillo
Private, CO. L., 60 INF.

George H. Cooper
Private, CO. C., 102 Inf.

Leonard S. Davis
Private, San., Det., 56 Art., C.A.C.

Joseph C. Donahue
Private, CO. D., 102 Inf.

Stanley Foisey
Private, 1st., Class. CO. B., 102 Inf.

George J. Geleneau
Private, CO., C., 102 Inf.

Nicholas W. Heery
Private 1st Class, CO. H., 314 INF.

John H. Hendrickson
Private CO. E., 102 Inf.

Harold E. Hughson
Private, CO. A., 12 M.G. BN.

Walter J. Hughson
Private CO. K., 101 Inf.

Arthur G. Kapitzke
Private 1st Class, CO., D., 102 M.G.BN.

William J. Kennedy
Private 1st Class, CO. D., 102 M.G.BN.

Walter F. Lawson
Private CO. D., 306 Inf.

Axel Leth
Private, 28 CO. 7, T.B.G., BN., 151 D.B.


Thomas E. Vitagliano


Front North Memorial Plaque:
Thomas E. Vitagliano
Ssg. U.S. Army 1971-2005
1st. West Haven soldier killed in action in Operation Freedom



Photos and transcriptions on Oct. 19, 2014: West Haven Green – Armistice WWI Memorial


West Side Panel


East Side Panel


South back panel


Side view Armistice Memorial


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  1. Paul S says:

    Walter Lawson was a relative of mine….had 4 other brothers in West Haven

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