Georgia War Memorial: Greene Co.,Greensboro, Ga.


I yearly contribute to the Honor Roll Project of  Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Honor Roll page can be found at Honor Roll Project. If you would like to contribute, information can be found there as to “how” and “where” to send your photos and transcriptions.

Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia

Oct. 19, 2014: Greene Co. Georgia Multi-War Memorial


Woodmen of the World Memorial

At the top of this grey granite slab type memorial is the Woodmen of the World Emblem.


In Sacred Memory of the Men of Greene County who made the Supreme Sacrifice Time Shall not Dim the Glory of Their Deeds


Greene Co. Georgia Multi-War Memorial

World War I  World War II
 Durham, Estes McKinley, Edgar
 Hubbard, Robert Moore, Horace
Overton, M.C. Parrish, Earl
Pearson, Davis S.
World War II Randall, David C.
 Adams, John W. Taylor, John F.
Amoss, George H. Underwood, Fred
 Barrett, Marvin R. Walker, Samuel R.
Bryan, Thomas S. West, J. R.
Calloway, Cecil G.
Calloway, Francis F.
Fesca, Helmut W.  Korean War
Gheesling, Lamar Angeles, Artemus
Harper, Archer L. Bickers, Leroy
Hill, Howard C. Brown, Fred M.
Ingram, Devas Grant, General L.
Jarrad, Walter W. Geeter, George A.
Kenney, Dennis N. Greene, Garnett
Lanier, Charles S. Hamilton, Arthur
Leverette, William F. Howell, George F.
Lingold, Carl V. Scott, Henry C.
McGibony, William N. Smith, James

On God’s Eternal Camping Ground, Their Silent Tents are Spread, and Glory Guards the Solemn Round. The Bivouac of the Dead.

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